Do good, spread the word.

We’re making it easy for you to help make a contribution to The Organic Center’s fantastic cause, without even having to grab your checkbook (that’s on us).

Help us support them by simply spreading the word of their new website, Generations of Organic.

Here’s how…


We’ll be sharing information about the new site on Facebook and Twitter today.

For every retweet on Twitter, we’ll donate $1.00! Click here to tweet away!
For every 10 shares on Facebook, we’ll donate $100! Make sure to ‘like‘ us while you’re there!

As we’re still early in the year, many are focused on those recently made New Year’s Resolutions to eat better, be more active and live more healthfully. Which is why it’s so timely to spread the word about the Generations of Organic website and it’s mission to help families make healthier choices.

They are a leader in research surrounding organic food and products, so to support them makes natural sense (no pun intended).  Beyond research, and what we, as organic consumers ourselves hugely appreciate, is that they then communicate their findings in manageable, easy-to-understand bites (as much as we’d like, we don’t always have time to read cover to cover of every study).

Find all kinds of information, including:

  • Organic recipes: Sara Snow (who we adore!) shares this easy and delicious winter kale salad
  • Healthy living tips and tools: This shopping pocket guide needs to be printed and put in your wallet stat!
  • Highlights of recent studies: Did you know that strawberries are the fruit that pack the most nutritional punch per 100 calories? Now you do.


We’ll donate for everything shared through tomorrow (Saturday, 2/25/12) so spread the word to friends, family and fans so that they can be in the (organic) know too!

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