From ‘Pink Washing’ to Authentically Pink, A Note from Karen

It’s Breast Cancer Month and if you’re like me, you’re seeing pink everywhere from every company imaginable. Though I love seeing so much support and awareness being rallied for such an important health issue, I’m surprised that companies simply place pink on their packaging and donate some money to Breast Cancer organizations once a year, while there may be ingredients in their products that have been linked to unhealthy effects. I’d love to know what you think – let me know in the comments at the bottom of this post.

All of the unnecessary chemicals in beauty products can cause problems for women’s health. We choose not to use these in our products. You can find an extensive list of chemicals you will NOT find in Juice Beauty products HERE.

I wanted to lay something out that’s pretty simple, and so important, to understand what happens with these chemicals and how a harmful chain happens. Here’s how it goes…

  • Women, on average, use 20 products every day all over their bodies, lips and faces.
  • Our skin, being the largest organ of our body, absorbs approximately 64% of what is placed on it. To understand this, think of physicians that prescribe medical patches for the skin—it’s because the drug absorbs through the skin so effectively. The same thing happens with beauty products – including chemicals!
  • Many of these harmful chemicals mimic estrogen or otherwise alter natural hormone cycles going on in our bodies. Women and young girls are particularly susceptible and the effects are far reaching…
  • Our endocrine system can be disrupted, which can increase some health risks.
  • We then rub these products all over our little ones (either directly or indirectly) which begins a cumulative exposure beginning at a very young age. The cumulative effect of harmful chemicals can increase the chance of developing certain cancers.
  • What hasn’t been absorbed by our bodies is washed down the shower drain, where these chemicals eventually end up in our oceans, streams and animal habitats…

Get the picture?! It’s not a pretty one.

The good news? There are some amazing people that are creating change! At Juice Beauty, we continually support five non-profits, including the Breast Cancer Fund and The Organic Center. They both do great work to educate the public on topics critical to these issues.

We want to help make sure this information is readily available so you can be as educated as possible and not simply be romanced by all the ‘pink’ – let’s be Authentically Pink.

Check out more about moving the conversation from awareness to prevention HERE.

For more research information check out the Breast Cancer Fund’s State of the Evidence HERE.

Authentically pink,


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