Happy Mother’s Day!

Juice Beauty Mother's Day

Warm, loving wishes to all you gorgeous moms out there from those of us at Juice Beauty! We love moms and moms love us! And, what a timely opportunity to showcase moms (and a mom-to-be) from our office in this photo collage and share what motherhood means to them, especially given that our legacy is rooted in motherhood!


Clockwise from top left –

“Motherhood: the hardest job of my life but definitely the most rewarding vocation. I would not change being a mother for anything in the world.” – Melissa

“Being a mom is the most rewarding and challenging role in life.  I feel very fortunate to be a mom and cherish every moment.” – Monica

“I love being a mom and being able to experience and see the world again through new innocent eyes and having conversations together about the wonders of everything around her.” – Mimi

 “My favorite mom moments are hugs from my kids.” – Kim

“My children’s eyes are a reflection of life’s purpose.” – Ileana

“When I became a Mom, I started thinking more about what kind of world my kids will be living in and started caring even more for the planet…ok now down to the basics… most Moms of teenagers just live for those hug moments”– Karen, Founder

Brenda, our new mom-to-be is beyond excited to bring her daughter into the world any day now!

What else? We launched a #MomMoment contest on Facebook and Instagram and have had an overwhelming response when asking our fans to finish the sentence “I feel like a mom when____”. Below are a few of our favorites. Do any resonate with you?

I feel like a Mom when nobody in the house can find anything they’re looking for and they say “Mom, do you know where it is!” –  EJ

I feel like a mom when I realize 90% of my conversations center around Daniel Tiger, Goldfish crackers, and the alphabet. – Stephanie

I feel like a mom when I find toys in my purse! – Gena

I feel like a mom when I have to say things like, stop drawing on your butt…don’t throw your sister…yes, I know my belly is squishy, thanks for pointing that out so loudly. – Janessa

I feel like a mom when I own more yoga pants than anything else! – Tiffany

I feel like a Mom when I am giving one child a bath while simultaneously breastfeeding the other!!! – Nicole

[I feel like a mom when] I’ve worn the same outfit 3 days in a row to avoid doing more laundry than necessary! – Ev

I feel like a mom when I reach in my pocket while I’m at work and find a wad of Kleenex, a Hot Wheels car, and an Angry Birds figure. – Lisa

I feel like a mom when i use Juice Beauty + Plum VIDA products. – Kimberly

Read more here, and don’t forget to share your own #MomMoment on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win a Juice Beauty + Plum Organics #MomMoment gift pack!

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