You’re Invited… to our EcoChic Twitter Party!

Join us on March 1st @ 4pm EST to learn about the importance of organics, brush up on your natural beauty knowledge and have a chance to WIN skin-loving Juice Beauty products!

Juice Beauty #EcoChic Twitter Party Details
When: Thursday, March 1st
Who: You and your beautiful friends!
Time: 4pm EST
Hashtag: #EcoChic
Party Hosts: @JuiceBeauty @TheSharonWong (a Twitter wonder woman and Juice Beauty friend!)


For those of you that may be reading this asking yourself, “What in the world is a Twitter party?” we’re here to help! Get prepped by reading how the basics of how a Twitter party works so you’re ready to join and have some fun!


A Twitter party (sometimes called a Twitter chat) is a group conversation that takes place on Twitter by using a # hashtag. Just as you’d attend an event at a friend’s house, a Twitter party typically is coordinated on a specific day and time, so you’re all there at once.  The conversation is guided by the twitter party host (or hostess… in this case that’s us!) and if there are specific topics to cover they will dole out the details.


So, to join our Twitter party, simply search the hashtag #EcoChic in the twitter search box and follow what is being said and tweeted with that hashtag.  You can join the conversation by just simply using that #hashtag in your tweet.   These are all public, so just jump in, reply to someone, or if you don’t want to participate, just read what is being said.


The host will tweet to welcome you and offer up introductions to the other hosts and a few other members of the party. After introductions your host will introduce the party theme, which the questions and topics will follow.  There will also be information and fun facts for you to read and retweet.


Once the host tweets out the first question, you may consider retweeting it while you think about your answer. Once you’re ready to respond, tweet your answer with the party hash tag.  Be quick but be sure to read and enjoy the responses of others too!


Knowing how fast paced the party is, there are other ways to follow along that help organize the conversation for you. Two of our go-tos are TweetChat and Tweetgrid. And don’t forget after the party to do a quick search using the ‘search’ bar on Twitter so you can follow some of the people you met. (Especially the ones that replied or re-tweeted you!)

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, post on our Facebook wall, or tweet us at @JuiceBeauty. See you at the party!

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