Note from our founder, Karen Behnke

Happy Earth Month from Juice Beauty!

#farmtobeauty is a key part of our organicenvironmental and sustainable commitment to the planet, to humans and animals.I’m proud to announce that we are furthering the transition to sustainableskincare packaging by achieving major milestones by the end of 2021 and arecelebrating additional eco-friendly initiatives as part of our 2021 commitmentto environmentalism, wellness and healthy beauty products.

As the OG “Original Green” of Clean Beauty, we have been cleaning up the beauty space since 2005. Commitment to sustainability has been a passion of mine for many years and our whole team continues to strive to create meaningful change through advanced beauty solutions that work better, and are better for you, than conventional chemical products. 

To learn more about our 2021 commitment to sustainable practices, read below and Happy Earth Month! 

-Karen Behnke, Founder, Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Sustainable Packaging

Juice Beauty, the OG of Clean Beauty. Achieves Milestones in Sustainable Packaging

Juice Beauty is leading the charge being a clean and sustainable company. Our commitment to organic ingredients and sustainable initiatives serve as key pillars of the Juice Beauty brand for the healthiest and transparent offerings, to protect humans, animals and the planet.

Environmental strides for 2021 include:  

1) Goal of eliminating the use of Virgin Plastic and converting skincare plastic bottles to recycled Ocean& Land Waste Plastic by 2022. In the last year, we’ve made significant advancements towards this goal and have transitioned about 75% of our skincare plastic packaging to recycled Ocean & Land Waste Plastic.

2) Our corporate headquarters and distribution center and the JuiceBeauty Farm, based in Sonoma County, California, are now solar powered.

3) Newly Vegan Certified

4) Juice Beauty Stem CellularAnti-Wrinkle skincare products now EWG Verified

Please read the press release highlighting these sustainability practices and commitment to clean beauty here.

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The gift itself

We strive to set the bar high with sustainability at its highest form, organic ingredients on the inside and sustainable packaging on the outside. With that in mind, and in celebration ofEarth month, we are gifting you Karen's favorites to help you make an easy transition into a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  

Below are the sustainability centered options you have to choose from. Please click here to opt-in for this gift and to pick your sustainable products.

Contents (include images next to each option)

Glass water bottle:

This water bottle has a sleek and minimal design that makes it easy to transport and bring with you on the go. Accompanied by a convenient carrying strap, this water bottle is perfect for any occasion.

Instant Flash Facial:

Instant action to reveal fresher looking and glowing skin. A facial, exfoliating mask + cleanser all in one. Reveal softer skin with exfoliating plant beads, tartaric acid & lime caviar while the PREBIOTIX™bio-fermented complex + iris help balance the microbiome for softer skin. Get your Juice Beauty glow on!

Eco-values: With Certified OrganicIngredients to protect humans, animals and the planet.

Sustainable Packaging: Bioresin tube which reduces carbon footprint. FSC paper.

Cloth face mask :

Go out safely in style with our iconic Juice Drop organic cotton face mask. Elastic head straps, slot for a filter & made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton for a comfortable fit all day.

Wash cloth:

Treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience with this ultra-soft eco-friendly Eco Cleansing Cloth. This plush cleansing cloth is made with sustainable, all-natural bamboo fibers and will give you a spa-like experience with your favorite Juice Beauty Cleanser.

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