On the INSIDE: Certified Organic Ingredients to protect humans, animals and the planet.

On the OUTSIDE/Packaging: Juice Beauty’s Sustainable Team has an ongoing conversion effort. Our goal is to eliminate virgin plastic altogether by 2025. Here are some milestones:

  • Recycled Plastic Bottles (PCR): We are converting all plastic bottles, to recycled plastic to achieve our goal of eliminating the use of virgin plastic. Learn more
  • Sustainable Glass: 40% of our Products, including our Green Apple + Prebiotix Collections are in sustainable glass.
  • Sustainable BioResin Tubes: The majority of our tubes have been converted to Bio-Resin greatly reducing carbon footprint.
  • Paper: We use 100% FSC paper for al product boxes. Our shipping boxes = 48% recycled content + 52% certified sustainable (FSC) content.


  • Paper Footprint: 6 million or 37% approximate square inch reduction: in product kit paper for just the first year of our sustainable paper reduction initiative.
  • Pesticide Reduction: Over the past decade, Juice Beauty has estimated the avoidance of 3 tons of pesticides by utilizing certified organic farmed ingredients instead of conventional.
  • Solar Power: Juice Beauty’s farmhouse, Organic Farm and our Corporate Headquarters are all powered by solar.
  • No Endocrine Disruptors polluting the planet and humans: Using farmed plant oils or no fragrance, we have avoided an estimated 10 tons of endocrine disrupting synthetic fragrance chemical use, over the past decade.
  • Petroleum avoidance: By using sustainably sourced plant waxes, we have avoided using an estimated 26 tons of petroleum over the past decade.

*(stats estimated by Duke University Math Students)

Fun Stat: 100% of the farmhouse and 75% of the Organic Farm is powered by solar and soon, the entire farm operation will be solar powered.

Solar Powered SUSTAINABLE ORGANIC Farm in Sonoma County, California:

The California country-modern farmhouse located on Juice Beauty’s Organic farm was outfitted in a completely sustainable manner, abiding by Juice Beauty’s Eco-Values, and using organic and sustainable materials from top-to-bottom. The guesthouse update used only the most sustainable and healthy products including blue jean insulation, all new sustainably made tile flooring, patio cement consists of 20% recycled cement (the highest content allowed); and all materials, such as doors that were removed, were reused and repurposed.

We’re proud to feature our Juice Beauty Farmhouse EcoPartners:

Clare Paints: zero VOC, Greenguard gold Certified paint.
Coyuchi: organic comforters, blankets, sheets, bathrobes, towels, rugs, dishtowels.
Equator: organic & fair trade coffees & teas.
The Futon Shop: organic cushions and Amish made, linseed stained wooden frames.
Medley Home: Couch made from organic cotton, plant dyes and no toxic sprays.
Naturepedic: organic mattresses.
Restoration Hardware: reclaimed wooden furniture.
Viva Terra: Recycled glass and dinnerware.

 Solar Powered SUSTAINABLE DISTRIBUTION & CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS, Located in Sonoma County, California contains the following sustainable materials:

  • Zero VOC paints and stains for the walls and floor.
  • All desks & furniture is either reused or constructed of recycled lumber from an old mill OR reused desks from another company.
  • The chairs were purchased from a neighbor company that was closing and re-covered in recycled leather.
  • The (new) wall insulation was made from recycled blue jeans.
  • Some of the highest oxygen producing and carbon dioxide eliminating plants were placed around the office for the health of the employees and the environment.


Manufactured in the USA. All Juice Beauty products are manufactured in the U.S. with the highest degree of quality control and to limit petroleum transportation use in shipping to our California distribution center.