Protecting animals is important to us. At Juice Beauty, we believe in the ethical treatment of animals as harming animals is not only cruel, but it also harms the planet and humans as our ecosystem is inextricably intertwined. To harm one, it harms all. Therefore, Juice Beauty has never conducted animal testing—ever!

PETA awarded Juice Beauty their Courage in Commerce award for staying out of China brick and mortar stores where the government routinely pulls product to test on animals. To receive Leaping Bunny certification, Juice Beauty has legally agreed to not conduct or be party to any animal testing of our products or our ingredients. Additionally, we have a supply chain monitoring system to assure that no animal testing takes place with any of our ingredient suppliers.

*Juice Beauty has over 125 products and note 1 product, the USDA Organic Certified Facial Wash, contains sustainably sourced, organic honey.