3 Tips for Photo Ready Skin

3 Tips for Photo Ready Skin

Get Ready to Take Perfect Photos with These 3 Beauty Tips 

We all sometimes struggle with the way we look in photos. It’s easy to feel lost when put in front of the camera lens, and that feeling translates into our photos. Or maybe a dryness or a breakout day ruins a perfect photo opportunity. Whether you have a family photo shoot coming up or you want to update your job profile, you can prepare your skin for a radiant look on camera. Plus, practicing these tips for fresh-faced photography is good for your skin all the time. 

Keep Your Skin Healthy 

The first step to figuring out your best camera glow is caring your skin. Taking care of your skin with natural beauty products is a great first start. Your skin is very absorbent, so it is essential to look for skincare products that have organic key ingredients. Start with a daily gentle cleanser and always follow up with a moisturizer. Using an oil free moisturizer is perfect for photo days because it can help your skin look smooth and reduce oil. Oily skin can reflect the camera lights and make your skin look washed out, so it is best to choose cleansers and moisturizers that combat oil while leaving your skin dewy and soft.                            PREBIOTIX Cleanser Find Makeup That Works with You 

When it comes to photo-ready makeup, the key is finding the makeup that works with your skin type. Schedule a Free Skincare Video Consultation with one of our experts. Natural beauty products that have organic key ingredients are perfect for a camera-ready look because they won't contain any potentially harsh ingredients that may irritate or swell the skin. Serum foundations blend in with your skin while providing medium to full coverage, and this type of foundation will give your skin a very natural look on camera. Serum foundation is also particularly good for dry skin because the serum adds an extra boost of moisture. When you're crafting your photo makeup, remember that the eyes are just as important as the skin. So, don't forget to accentuate your eyes with some eyeliner, mascara, or both to make them pop on screen.  

PHYTO PIGMENTS Flawless FoundationGet Comfortable in Front of the Mirror 

Even with the help of a natural skin care routine, the best way to take great photos is to spend time understanding your face in front of a mirror. Appreciate your unique beauty and have fun while you get comfortable posing and seeing what works best for you. Try out different makeup looks and different lighting conditions. Rotate your head slowly from side to side and move your chin up and down. Practicing these movements repeatedly will give you a good idea of what angles flatter your bone structure best and what makeup techniques complement your face. Once you understand your best angles and how lighting creates shadows on your face, you'll be camera-ready in no time. 

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