4 Reasons to Keep Exfoliating During the Summer

4 Reasons to Keep Exfoliating During the Summer

Why You Should Keep Exfoliating Through the Summer   

You probably already know your skin needs extra protection and hydration during the summer. The bright sun and blazing heat have a way of drying out your skin, making it more susceptible to damage. Cleansing, moisturizing, and using an SPF product are all essential steps in your daily routine. But what about regular exfoliation? Should you continue this practice in the summer? 


Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells and can help your serums and moisturizers products to absorb better. It’s a great step to keep up throughout the summer months to keep your skin looking as healthy, smooth, and bright as possible. Here are a few benefits exfoliating may provide when you use the best formulas for your skin’s needs. 

1. Refines the Look of Pores and Keeps Blemishes at Bay 

No matter your skin type, you may find that a charcoal and clay mask is excellent at drawing out excess oil and impurities while keeping the skin hydrated and looking smooth. Look for ingredients like activated bamboo charcoal and bentonite and kaolin clays. Exfoliating polyhydroxy acids can also help smooth the look of your complexion. Oily and combination skin types, as well as those prone to blemishes, may find a mask like this especially beneficial.  

2. Helps Skin Tone and Texture Look Even 

You may be able to experience a spa-grade peel in the comfort of your home with a high-quality exfoliating mask formula. Organic key ingredients, such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids and fruit acids, are effective exfoliators. Malic acid from organic green apples is an alpha hydroxy acid that helps your skin tone and texture look even and reduce the appearance of discoloration. Antioxidant-rich Vitamins C and E can help protect your skin from potential free radicals in your environment. Keep in mind, products with alpha hydroxy acids may increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so you’ll want to add sunscreen to your skincare routine or limit sun exposure.  

3. Brightens the Appearance of Dark Spots 

The cells on the surface of your skin are the oldest and can be the most damaged from the sun. Therefore, dark spots tend to appear more prominently. By regularly exfoliating with a gentle face mask formula, you can help remove dead skin and allow new cells to come to the surface. Your skin may appear brighter and dark spots may become less noticeable with consistent exfoliation. 

4. Enables Better Absorption for Other Products  

Once you remove the dead skin cells and impurities, you allow your other daily skincare products the chance to absorb more effectively. Your everyday antioxidant serum and moisturizer may be able to sink deeper into your skin without having to compete with any potential surface debris lingering on your skin. Your collection of skincare products should always be packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and moisturizing fatty acids. Exfoliating is an essential step for maximizing all the beneficial ingredients found in your serum and moisturizer. As one final summer skincare reminder, if your moisturizer doesn’t include SPF, be sure to switch to a product that does. 

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