4 Simple Eye Makeup Looks that Are Easy on the Eyes

4 Simple Eye Makeup Looks that Are Easy on the Eyes

Try These Simple Eye Makeup Looks for Something Eye-Catching 

Your eye area is the perfect canvas for your creative designs that help you express yourself and build the perfect look. It doesn’t matter whether you want to craft a dramatic style that’s striking and smokey or you’re creating a natural look with subtle shimmers that leave you with a balanced and nuanced shape. Either way, you can help your eyes stand out and take center stage with colors and lines that help you look and feel your best. #1 Build Your Perfect Look 

Before you start crafting your perfect eye makeup look, be sure to start with a properly prepped and hydrated complexion, along with your go-to serum foundation or CC cream for proper coverage. Try dabbing and blending a multipurpose concealer under your eyes, just as you would for your acne blemishes. Be sure your concealer is made with a range of vitamins that can provide antioxidant protection while hydrating with coconut and jojoba oil to nourish your skin with crease-free coverage. 

#2 Dramatic Wing 

Once you’re ready to start your eye look, begin with a buildable jelly eyeshadow they can work for both a natural and dramatic look. Search for a brand with a variety of colors formulated with plant-derived pigments and hydrators, like shea butter, for a nutrient-dense application. After you’ve built your color out, it’s time to create an eye-catching cat-eye with a smudge-proof liquid eyeliner that’s made without synthetic dyes. Be sure that the application is flexible with a tip that offers precision so you can bring the cat eye line toward the end of your eyebrow, then finish with your favorite mascara. 

#3 Natural and Awake 

If you want to help your eye area appear awake and gorgeous, some simple makeup hacks can guide you toward finding a natural look, like you woke up refreshed. First, layer a brightening eye cream made with CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, and vitamins to help the area look brighter and smoother with essential nutrients. Then, balance your eyes with a tinted brow gel to help them appear more defined as you draw attention to your bright-looking eyes. Add a shimmering eye shadow to the inner corners of your eye for a subtle sparkle, and finish with a natural mascara to help create a feathery-soft look that’s smooth, buildable, and clump-free. 

#4 Reverse Cat Eye 

This newly trending eye look involves starting your cat-eye look with a soft tip eye pencil and drawing under your lower waterline. Begin at the corner of your eye and work your way out toward your eyebrow like a normal cat-eye. This reverse approach can help your eyes appear large and can easily be added to everything from smokey eye makeup to a more natural look. Finish by using a tapered brush to apply a mascara made with ingredients like shea butter and aloe to support buildability that can help your lashes appear long and voluminous. 

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