4 Tips for a Skin-sational Spring!

Spring has arrived, which means it’s the perfect time to check in on your skin care habits! Here are the top four things that you should be doing to pamper winter-stressed skin and give your skin care regimen a much-needed spring clean:

Lighten Up – As temperatures warm, assess your skin’s hydration needs to make sure you keep skin hydrated and clear. Even if you have oily skin, be sure to hydrate. For those with oily, combination and blemish prone skin, consider switching to an oil free moisturizer.

Exfoliate Regularly – Use an exfoliator up to twice weekly to slough off dead and dull winter skin. Opt for a potent alpha and beta hydroxy acid peel instead of a mechanical or chemical exfoliator for optimum age-defying results!

SPF, Daily – We can’t say it enough! Always ensure you integrate SPF, using a mineral zinc based moisturizer made with certified organic ingredients.  As the days become longer, more sun can leave us sun-kissed and sun-damaged, leading to premature signs of aging.

Moisturize Your Neck and Décolleté – Spring is all about revealing a bit more skin, so let’s not forget the neck and décolleté area. Use a hydrating and lifting neck cream to help reduce and repair signs of aging in the exposed neck and chest area.

Every time of the year, commit to a morning and nightly cleansing routine. Spend a couple of minutes massaging cleanser in upward, circular motions to deep clean pores while focusing on congested areas. A dedicated routine will help create clearer, healthier looking skin.

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