A Day in the Life of Juice Beauty Founder, Karen Behnke

Karen Behnke, Founder of Juice Beauty shares her daily routine to stay fit, happy, and healthy!

Life has changed since I just moved my son into the Tufts University dorm in Boston. 3000 miles and a 6 hour flight away! I bring this up because for years when the kids were younger, my husband and I would arise at 5:45 am for our workout before the kids awoke, then it felt like we were still on a treadmill straight through morning carpool.

Now, with one teen daughter left at home, who has a drivers license, life is calmer in the mornings. Now I arise around 7 am when I hear my daughter’s alarm, and after chatting with her over organic orange juice, I head to either run, bike or swim for an hour which is my routine 5 days/week. When I jog or mountain bike, I hit the Marin County hills adjacent to our Northern California home. My favorite outfit is Fabletics tights, Fabletics sports bra (really the best I’ve ever tried) and any Tshirt I can find at an early hour. Of course I always wear my Juice Beauty SPF Sport sunscreen that is 80 minute water resistant made with certified organic ingredients and mineral zinc. Although I used to swim in the San Francisco Bay, lately I’ve been too lazy to leave my home as I’m so lucky to have a salt water lap pool,  salt water, as opposed to chlorine, is easy on my skin.

On Thursdays, I break my run/bike/swim routine because Juice Beauty’s yoga instructor comes to our office and that’s when I wear full Fabletics gear, one of those cool tops and bottoms. Unfortunately, my Fabletics  keep disappearing because my 16 year old daughter is stealing them from my closet! Yoga really helps my back and joints that I have pounded into the ground during the multiple decades of competitive triathlons and various sports.

Breakfast consists of multiple brands (I keep switching) of organic granola topped with either Greek yogurt or Coconut Milk and fruit. Dang those women that stretch and meditate while they are eating breakfast, I am usually eating BF while I’m going through my morning skincare routine listening to the morning news in the background. Cleansing with Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular 2in1 cleanser, Booster Serum, then I apply our SPF 30 CC Cream in Desert Glow, Phyto-Pigments concealer, Eyeliner and Mascara and I hop in my solar powered electric car to drive the few miles to work.

Arriving at Juice Beauty’s sustainable headquarters a few hours after arising and already having exercised feels invigorating and I am usually ready for the high growth, crazy world of an escalating organic beauty company. I down at least 4 cups of English BF organic tea during my first few morning meetings.  I think my employees wish I drank decaf but I take the fully leaded tea. Product development meetings, meeting with my business partner, Gwyneth Paltrow, marketing and finance..phew……did I eat lunch? Sometimes I forget to eat until really late or I end up terribly snacking on bags of nuts, yes I know they are great for you but not a half bag for lunch! Whole Foods is a short walk away and I need to break away more for the salad bar.

I tryyyyy to leave the office around 6 pm and a normal night would be heading home to have dinner with my family. Dinner usually consists of easy to fix all organic items such as baked kale, chicken or fish, a whole grain, vegetables and fruit. An easy way to make sure one is getting the proper vegetable nutrients is to vary the colors of the fruits and vegetables. Chocolate for dessert is a must!

If I’m going out with my husband or girl friends, my drink of choice is usually a lemonade vodka or a glass of really any of the multitude of amazing Napa/Sonoma wines. On to bed around 11 or midnight but not before I use our Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil orCleansing Milk to remove my makeup, Stem Cellular or Green Apple Serum; Stem Cellular or Green Apple Moisturizer….off to bed usually falling asleep after a few minutes of one of the late night talk shows.

To sum it up, I’ve lived a wellness oriented life combining my career and lifestyle passion because it makes me feel great, gives me an energetic wonderful feeling and competitive edge, and hopefully will keep me healthy for a long time! My prescription is simple, I exercise for an hour almost every day; I eat mostly salmon, organic fruits and vegetables, and whole grains; I try to drink a lot of water, of course only use organic beauty products, and surround myself with an amazing family, friends and fabulous employees. My vices? Chocolate and sweets, high stress entrepreneur-ing my whole life, and never enough sleep!

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