Juice Beauty Founder and Friend Suzanne Somers

A Tribute to Suzanne Somers

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I am so sad that Suzanne Somers recently passed away from this disease., A dear friend of Juice Beauty, Suzanne, and I connected on multiple levels, including her Bay Area roots, her entrepreneurial drive, her advocacy for equal pay, and our shared love of all things Organic Beauty.

Suzanne, like many individuals, suffered from this disease for years. In honor of these precious lives, we urge you to choose your products carefully, support amazing groups like Breast Cancer Prevention Partners with whatever extra you have, and live life to the fullest! Suzanne sure lived life and I’ll never forget what an amazing storyteller and cook she was--she cooked for our whole family a few times. We’ll always have delicious memories of sitting on her deck with her husband Alan while she regaled us with stories of the Rat Pack, Johnny Carson shows and catching a break from George Lucas in the classic American Graffiti movie. Suzanne radiated a love for life, had such positive energy, a beautiful smile, was a great listener, and was a real trailblazer in so many ways.

Suzanne—I will miss you!

If you are interested in learning more tips on preventing breast cancer, please read our Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention.
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