Action Packed Summer: Pro Surfer, Lauren Hill


As a pro surfer, world adventurer and eco-feminist, Lauren Hill uses her surfboard as a vehicle for activism and a platform for change. Her mission: to build awareness and support for marine conservation and ecological protection with a focus on educating young women.

When Lauren reached out to us, we were blown away by her authentic beauty, depth and drive for creating meaningful change. We are excited to share a number of her projects with you throughout Juice Beauty’s Action Packed Summer.



Lauren grew up just steps away from the ocean, calling Anastasia Island in Florida home, which made for easy access to the waves when she started surfing at 13. She spent a number of years longboarding competitively and won the U.S. women’s longboard title for under 18 in 2001, then chose to forego competitive surfing to instead head to college. While earning degrees in Environmental and Social Science from Stetson University, Lauren began connecting her passions for surfing and environmental activism and has since been published academically on the intersections of surfing, sustainability, and gender issues.


Her work and activism continue to revolve around marine conservation and gender as they relate to surfing culture including participation in the Transparentsea Voyage, traversing 270 miles down the California coast on an 18-foot kayak to raise awareness about coastal environmental issues.

Lauren serves as an ambassador for Women for Whales and Surfers for Cetaceans, among involvement in many other projects, including the documentary Beyond the Surface and her 31 Days/31 Ways Byron Bay series of short films highlighting daily surf experiences in Australia to express gratitude for the splendor of the sea.

We’re excited to be sharing more from Lauren throughout the summer, including an interview and other amazing videos. Stay tuned!

Find out more about Lauren and follow her journey at and on Instagram @TheSeaKin.

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