Airless Pump Technology – The Benefits

Airless Pump Technology – Why We Use It and What are the Benefits?

Juice Beauty’s Founder and CEO, Karen Behnke sits down with Juice Beauty’s Director of Product Development, Mimi Lu to talk about why Juice Beauty uses Airless Pump Technology in some products.

Together they talk about what the benefits of airless pump technology are for both the product, and the consumer – featuring the STEM CELLULAR™ Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum, which is packaged using this technology.

At a quick glance, here are the benefits of using airless pump technology:

  • Helps protect the active ingredients in the product
  • Protects the efficacy so customers still get the clinical results they desire
  • Vitamin C is volatile – it oxidizes quickly, therefore using packaging that is opaque, helps to prevent this by not allowing light to hit the formula
  • When you pump – the bottom disc moves up, no air is ever getting introduced to the formula
  • As you pump it moves all the way to the top – means no leftover product, it gets every single drop out

“We don’t use any synthetic preservatives or stabilizers, so anything we can do to help protect the formula, we try to do with our packaging” – Mimi Lu.


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