Alicia Silverstone’s Kind Tips to Love Your Skin

February is a time when we are reminded life is all about love.

The Kind Diet and The Kind Life community are all about love…for ourselves (so we can all live healthy, happy lives), for the planet and for all creatures who inhabit it. I love that what is good for you is also good for our large home earth. While taking care of yourself you can take care of Mama Earth at the same time!

So, in the spirit of love, here are my kind beauty tips to love your skin!

Glowing skin starts from the inside out so only put in the good stuff. 

Try to eat as much of a plant based diet as you can. This will keep you hydrated and nourished and get your glow on! Make sure your drinking water is well filtered to keep your whole body hydrated and happy too.

Use naturally nourishing products.

Knowing that skin absorbs more than 60% of what you put on it, I’m still shocked by the harmful, unhealthy ingredients in so many beauty products! Instead make sure your beauty regimen is a lineup of products that only contain healthy, natural and organic ingredients.  I created my collection with Juice Beauty because I wanted to make it that much easier to find truly beautiful products that were as skin loving as they were eco-friendly. Not only do the formulas contain certified organic ingredients and none of those terrible chemicals, but the packaging is also as eco as it gets with over 90% recycled materials too! Plus they smell delicious, feel amazing and are gorgeous too! (Want to check them out? Click here.)

Glam up.

I like to keep my beauty regimen quick and easy but I like to feel sassy sometimes – and not just around Valentine’s! Making a point to glam up occasionally definitely does the trick and my Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty Irresistible Glow Facial Highlighter makes it so quick and simple, I use it all the time. It gives my skin such a warm, pretty glow I can’t help but use it almost every day! My quick, everyday tip?  Swipe on cheekbones then blend it in softly with my fingertips.  Voila! Glowing!

Get moving!

Being active (especially in the outdoors) gives skin radiance unlike any other! Whether it’s running around outside with Bear or taking a hike with the whole family, spending time outside always leaves my skin looking and feeling refreshed.

I’d love to know your healthy, kind beauty tips. Share them in the comments below! We’ll choose one person from the comments to WIN their choice of 3 products in my collection. Winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day! 

For an extra entry, simply tweet:  Love your skin! Enter to WIN the lovely @AliciaSilv for @JuiceBeauty products! #OrganicallyGorgeous 

UPDATE: Great tips everyone! Congratulations to our winner Sarah Alyse!

Also, make sure to check out for more on eco fashion, beauty and yummy veg food too!

Love, Alicia

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