Allure Loves Our Stem Cellular Exfoliating Peel Spray!

“The Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Exfoliating Peel Spray Transformed My Skin After Just Once Use”

Juice Beauty’s Exfoliating Peel Spray Gets Love From Allure

We are so excited that our STEM CELLULAR™ Exfoliating Peel Spray is loved by Allure, particularly that it has transformed beauty writer, Sarah Kinonen’s skin after just one use…and even better…that days later her skin is still supersmooth, without a flake in sight! – That’s what we love to hear!

Read Kinonen’s full article below:

“As someone who has sensitive skin—meaning my face goes berserk if I introduce it to a single new ingredient—I tend to steer clear of harsh exfoliators. One bad scrub session and I’m left red-faced for days. Which is why I’m always looking for gentler formulations. Enter the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Exfoliating Peel Spray, which—as crazy as it sounds—is a spray-on facial peel with a super-easy-to-use mist-on application process.

The treatment itself, which is a superfine mist, is made with a mix of citrus extracts—like grapefruit and lemon leaf—to exfoliate, plus nourishers, like jojoba leaf, aloe juice, and vegetable glycerin, to soften the skin. And then there’s the vitamin C, which brightens the complexion following the exfoliation.

And testing it on my hand at the product’s launch event and getting transported by the zingy scent, I couldn’t wait to take it home. After cleansing my face, I gave the sleek silver bottle a shake and liberally sprayed the formula from my forehead down to my neck. The mist itself is lightweight—almost like the texture of my favorite-of-the-moment fragrance, Giorgio Armani’s Sì Rose eau de parfum—and when it hits the skin, it cools on contact. I think I sprayed on a total of seven spritzes, which left my face wet but not soaked. From there, I let “the juice” soak in for a few seconds before gently rubbing it in with my fingertips. That’s when the magic happened. (Warning: It gets a little gross from here on out.) As I was rubbing, dead skin cells starting pilling on my fingers—the peel was literally lifting flakes from my face. How cool, or gross, if you ask my boyfriend, whom I made watch from the sidelines. After about a minute of gentle rubbing, I rinsed my face, sweeping all the residual skin cells into the sink.

Once my face was thoroughly clean and patted dry, I gave myself a one-two in the mirror. The result? A slightly red but totally glow-y (and supersoft) complexion. The redness took a few hours to subside, but again, I’m chalking that up to my supersensitive skin and the fact that I’m currently in the midst of testing out an over-the-counter retinoid treatment. (Peel plus retinoid might not have been my smartest skin-care move, but a beauty editor’s life is all about living on the edge, am I right?) Aside from the mild redness, I was thoroughly impressed. And a few days later, my skin was still supersmooth, with not a flake in sight.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Exfoliating Peel Spray is that it’s TSA-approved. At 1.7 ounces per bottle (for $49 at, there’s no limit to when (and where) you can get your peel on. Long flight on the books? Stash this spray in your carry-on for a little exfoliating action midflight. Maybe just spritz it on in the lavatory so you don’t creep out your seatmate?”

{Originally posted at Allure.} – Image: Hannah Choi/Allure

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