Awareness Wednesday, part one.

With the topic of breast cancer front and center this month, what better time to share helpful, preventative tips to minimize exposure to chemicals and toxic ingredients that have been linked to cancer than #AwarenessWednesday?

These tips each week will help shift the conversation from simply increasing awareness and actually creating empowering awareness around ways to take action around prevention of this devastating disease.

First up, 2 simple tips to stay aware of what’s in your products and to take action by choosing safe, non-toxic options to minimize or eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals.

Avoid “Fragrance”

Although it’s just one little word on the ingredient label, “fragrance” can contain dozens, even hundreds, of chemicals—including hormone-disrupting phthalatessynthetic musks, and ethylene oxide. Fragrance manufacturers claim the formulas are confidential business information. So, until the law  changes for complete transparency, it’s best to avoid synthetic fragrance and opt for products that are fragrance-free or that contain natural fragrances like essential oils.

Read the Label to Avoid Synthetic Ingredients

GOOD: words that you’ve heard before, like aloe or lavender. BAD: words you can’t even pronounce. Chemicals sound like chemicals. Avoid products with DMDM hydantoin and imidazolidinyl urea; parabens or any word ending in “-paraben”; “PEG” compounds and words ending in “-eth”; triclosan and triclocarban; triethanolamine (TEA); hydroquinone and oxybenzone. As mentioned above, you also want to avoid synthetic fragrance, which can contain hundreds of chemicals, including toxic phthalates.


Read more tips to stay informed from the Breast Cancer Fund HERE.

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