Beauty Bag Spring Cleaning

It’s your favorite product. Ever. You can’t live without it.

But wait, it’s been in your makeup bag how long?!

Phyto-Pigments Makeup SpreadWe understand. We’ve even been there. Some products, even the ones you use religiously, are long lasting and if there’s product left there’s no reason to get rid of it, right?


You wouldn’t eat expired foods and beauty products need to be kept fresh for precisely the same reason. Pay attention to expiration dates and note when you open something so you know when it’s time to go. 

In the spirit of spring cleaning, set aside a few minutes this week to do a quick clean out of your beauty routine! Toss anything that’s past its prime and make note of any products you’ll stash away once the weather shifts for the spring/summer seasons.

Juice Beauty recommends to use most of our products within 1 year after opening, and within 6 months after opening for our eye products. Sunscreens may be used within 2 years after opening. Your safety is our first concern and as a result, Juice Beauty has worked diligently to find safe preservatives that provide effective protection.


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