Brandie Gilliam on Living Thoughtfully

Brandie Gilliam is the founder and creative director of Thoughtfully Magazine as well as creator of the popular blog Organic Beauty Talk. Passionate about non-toxic products that really work and a beautiful lifestyle, Brandie has been researching ingredients and testing products for over a decade. She is adamant about not compromising her health or the planet with harmful chemicals and processes. Brandie’s mission: to inspire and help others to live passionately, beautifully and thoughtfully every day.


What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?

Every day is Earth Day in my eyes but this year we’re celebrating with as our non-profit partner in our new Issue 2 of Thoughtfully Magazine for spring as well as locally with at their annual Earth Day event on April 18 in Pensacola, FL. We’re based out of Destin, FL along the Gulf Coast so we’re giving extra attention to our oceans this year with screenings of Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch by Angela Sun.

What words of eco-wisdom do you live by?

Live passionately, beautifully and thoughtfully every day. I think this speaks for itself but it’s amazing what happens when life is lived with intention and purpose.

Know what’s in your products and foods. Take the time to read every ingredient label of everything you purchase. You’ll be surprised what you learn and what questions you start to ask when you just take the time to pay attention.

What are your favorite Juice Beauty product and why?

Organic Treatment Oil – One of my absolute favorite facial oils! I love the way it feeds my skin with organic cranberry, grape and carrot seed oils. My skin looks and feels so soft and smooth and it doesn’t cause my highly blemish prone skin to break out.

Reflecting Lip Gloss in Pink – It smells delicious and leaves my lips with a beautiful pink shimmery shine. Plus, it has organic blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, pomegranate, acai and goji berries, agave and sweet orange natural sweeteners along with Vitamin E and Sesame Seed Oil. Need I say more!

PomSmooth Shampoo & Conditioner – The PomSmooth Duo works wonders on my naturally curly hair while keeping my strands hydrated and moisturized. It leaves my hair bouncy and balanced with organic pomegranate and aloe juices.

How will you inspire others to make better eco choices and to live passionately, beautifully and thoughtfully every day?

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