Brighten, Lighten, Tighten with Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peels.

When Kate Hudson called Juice Beauty to ask more about our Green Apple Peels, it was pretty exciting for all of us here at Juice Beauty headquarters in Marin County. Even more fun when Kate Hudson wrote about her love for Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peel in ELLE Magazine and then invited me to her house to talk about our products over dinner. OK, we all work really hard but this was one of the rewards that was just pure fun, I mean imagine…just the two of us hanging out talking about beauty at her gorgeous home!

Now for the rest of us that might lead a bit less glamourous lives….ever wonder what is in our bestselling, patented, powerhouse Green Apple Peels? Are you thinking about throwing out those brightening products that contain Hydroquinone? Well definitely start with eliminating Hydroquinone from your life which is classified as a respiratory and skin toxicant on EWG’s Skin Deep website and is rated very poorly by EWG’s chemists in reference for safety on human skin. Sure this harmful chemical will brighten your skin quickly but wouldn’t you rather use something that will make you instantly glow, brighten, lighten and tighten after every use? You’ll see the a visible difference with each Green Apple Peel use.

How do we do it? Juice Beauty’s patented Green Apple Peels are formulated with a blend of malic acid from organic green apples; citric acid from organic lemons and tartaric acid from organic grapes (also rich in resveratrol). Those are all alpha hydroxy acids that are contained in our Sensitive and Blemish Clearing Peels. Want more power? Try our Full Strength Green Apple Peel which also has a beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid from willow bark. Of course our Full Strength Peel is not for those with sensitive skin or rosacea. If you are prone to redness or sensitivity, use Juice Beauty’s Antioxidant Serum daily for a power packed but more gentle treatment for your skin.

So head into the Holiday season with brighter glowing skin, and we might not have the exact same glamour in our lives as Kate Hudson…but we sure can glow like she does!

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