CC Cream: A Beautifully Inspiring Surprise

Once upon a time…

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how the CC Cream fairytale started…however it definitely turned out to be a happily ever after kind of story.

We set out to make a Juice Beauty product that would address color correcting and, as busy women ourselves, we knew we wanted it to offer more than simply balancing the complexion. But even we couldn’t have dreamt just how amazing it would come to be when it was all said and done. Our scientists developed a fantastic formula and during testing, we asked for it to do more. And then more. And then, yes, even more. Soon we had a powerhouse product that was taking on multiple skincare roles…and this is where the story gets even better.

We had every woman on our team test the Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream during development and weigh in with feedback. We soon realized that as every tester was reporting back with different reasons, the sentiment was the same.  She was loving it.

As a team, we run the gamut when it comes to ages, skin types, skin tones and lifestyles – and yet CC was becoming an integral part of each woman’s daily regimen. We all had different needs and skin care priorities – and yet were able to find a beauty solution in this wondrous new CC Cream. Talk about a ‘one size fits all’ beauty secret!

Julie loved it for firming the skin and getting rid of wrinkles, Rosalind for the healthy ingredients that were helping prevent them.  Rachel adored the glowing finish and mineral color, while Karen found it was the combination of chemical-free SPF 30 and hydration that stayed on during her running that made it a daily essential. Tara found that CC enabled her to get quickly out the door to her daughters’ soccer games on Saturday mornings, while Lauren was using CC as a primer before applying makeup and heading out on the town.

It turns out that the Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream truly is designed for every woman, every age, every lifestyle. And we find that beautifully inspiring.  

So, we want to know…

What makes you feel beautifully inspired?  Whether it’s looking perfectly glam or perfecting your asana, mastering the art of multitasking, or making time for downtime, submit a picture showing us what makes you feel beautiful for a chance to WIN!

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12 lucky winners will be chosen to WIN the 12-in-1 multitasking beauty wonder, the Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream! Contest ends 2/10/13.

very special thank you to all of the beautifully inspiring women who are featured above including:

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