Clear and Hydrate Your Skin with Cassandra Bankson

Beauty blogger and clean beauty expert Cassandra Bankson details the Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing™ Regimen and explains why using products made with organic ingredients could clear your skin.

Our Blemish Clearing Cleanser uses lemon juice, grape ingredients and green apple, along with AHAs and BHAs to break down the epidermis so the salicylic and malic acids can go to work. Both morning and night wash in a circular motion for about sixty seconds to allow time for the ingredients to penetrate. Wash and use a towel to pat your face dry instead of scraping it which can irritate it.

Our Blemish Clearing Serum has salicylic acid and willow bark, along with the powerful antioxidant CoQ10 which helps to hydrate. The anti-aging properties of this serum make it great not just for blemishes but for your forehead or anywhere you worry about developing fine lines and wrinkles. Apply all over or anywhere you have blemishes, including your chest and neck. Allow to dry before moisturizing.

Using moisturizer may be counterintuitive to someone with oily, acne prone skin but consider that you may be overproducing oil because your skin is dry. Our Oil-Free Moisturizer goes on last to balance the skin out, seal in the serum and protect.

During the day, Cassandra uses our SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer. Remember to always protect your skin from harmful UV rays with a physical sunscreen like ours. Both versions of the Oil-Free Moisturizer include powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals.

Cassandra has been on a long journey with acne and says that what truly cleared her skin was education. Her video imparts valuable information about how to use the Blemish Clearing Regimen and how its ingredients can help clear your blemishes while hydrating your skin.

Make Cassandra's breakdown of the regimen your call to go organic.

Learn more about Cassandra on her YouTube channel.



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