Detoxing from the Inside Out

At Juice Beauty, we’re all about getting you to gorgeous, glowing and radiant skin without compromising your health, or that of the planet, which is why we formulate with certified organic and natural ingredients.

That said, our commitment to health and personal wellness goes beyond what’s on the outside. We’re a firm believer that staying beautiful also means taking care of what’s on the inside.

Follow these helpful nutrition and personal care tips to detox your inside and stay beautiful!

Choose organic foods – Choosing organic fruits and vegetables will not only reduce your exposure to potentially harmful toxins, like pesticide residue, but can also help you match and maximize your antioxidant levels!

Consider all protein options – Go beyond just animal protein and choose from a variety of protein food options, such as nuts, beans, and fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids for heart health and cancer prevention.

Avoid white & processed foods – Avoid “white” foods such as white potatoes, white rice, white bread, which is another way of saying processed, and likely to contain less of the good nutrients your body deserves. Instead, eat foods in their natural state and as close to the farm as possible.

Filter your waterUp to 60% of human adult body is water with the skin containing 64%. Simply put, it’s important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water and lock in that moisture. If you haven’t already, switch to filtered water, to help avoid consuming potentially harmful toxins and chemicals. And, make sure to check the latest EWG or Consumer Reports buying guides to know if you’re purchasing the most effective filter.

How are you detoxing your inside for a more beautiful outside?

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