Double Cleanse — Organically


organic double cleanse

Have you heard of the double cleanse? It’s an Asian-inspired cleansing technique gaining popularity in the U.S. Essentially, you’re cleansing your face twice, which deep cleans; and with the right cleansers, you won’t strip and dry your skin. Thus, revealing a more radiant you!


Start with a cleansing oil, such as STEM CELLULAR™ Cleansing Oil, which balances natural oils while cleansing with organic resveratrol-rich grapeseed, may chang, ho wood and sunflower seed oils. The truth is that oil attracts oil, better dissolving and removing makeup than your standard facial wash alone.  Simply apply the oil on dry skin, massage in a circular motion, and then add water for a light emulsion before rinsing.

Follow with your regular face wash. We recommend our Cleansing Milk, which will give you a rich and emollient cleanse and remove any impurities left behind. Plus, it’s chock-full of antioxidants from organic ingredients to help fight daily exposure to potentially harmful toxins in the environment.

So…Rinse with water, or use an organic cotton or bamboo cleansing cloth. These healthful washcloths will help you avoid exposure to pesticides.

The result? Clean, hydrated, and renewed skin!

Have you tried the double cleanse and is it a skin care routine you’ve adopted? Let us know!

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