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Style maven Greta Eagan is an eco-stylist and founder of  She’s worked with both major brands including Glamour, Kate Spade and Eileen Fisher, as well as with individual clients to bridge the gap between style and sustainability. We were lucky enough to snag some of her sage advice and get an insiders’ peek at her new book (launching Spring 2014) too! Without further ado…Take it away Greta!

Eco-Chic for Earth Month

Earth Day was founded on April 22nd, 1970 as a way to celebrate our planet and highlight responsible adjustments we can all make for a cleaner, greener home. By now you’ve probably swapped out all your lightbulbs to the energy efficient ones, use cold water when you wash your clothes, and maybe even have a hybrid car. But how are you greening your wardrobe? Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry with huge consequences- both good and bad. Unfortunately, the scale is tipped in the negative direction with the use of sweat shops and unsafe factories, toxic dyes, unethical treatment of animals and the sheer amount of waste created each season. In this Earth Month special post for Juice Beauty, I want to share my tips and tricks for looking good while doing good by giving you an exclusive sampling from my new book, The Sartorialist’s Dilemma, scheduled to hit bookshelves Spring 2014.

What are the easiest ways to green your closet?

1. Do DIY projects to update what you’ve already got.

2. Don’t be afraid to secondhand shop and swap.

3. Buy brands who support eco initiatives.

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The eco-fashion industry has come so far in the past five years- with major brands like H&M developing their Conscious Collection and a new crop of design school graduates moving into the workplace with sustainability practices in their tool belts- I can honestly say that going green has never looked so good! So how can you shop green? In The Sartorialist’s Dilemma, I give you a go-anywhere guide to shopping green, that you can customize and use to reflect your own style and values.

For now, let me just share some of my favorite eco-fashion lines and labels to give you a taste of what’s out there:

As a Juice Beauty supporter, you already care about the ethics behind your skincare. Why not extend them to your wardrobe? As a consumer, you have a powerful voice and when you vote with your dollars retailers listen. I hope this introductory post has been helpful, and for more fashion and beauty resources with style standards as high as the eco ones visit Please leave us a comment below to share how you will be celebrating Earth Day in style!

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For more information on Greta make sure to check out, then follow her on Twitter (@gretaeagan) too!

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