The Juice Beauty Farm Sign

Every Day is Earth Day at Juice Beauty

April is Earth Month, and at Juice Beauty, eco-values and sustainability are essential elements of our brand DNA. Farm to Beauty is vital to who we are as a company and our environmental and sustainable commitment to the planet, animals, and humans. In fact, over the past decade, Juice Beauty has estimated the avoidance of 3 tons of pesticides by utilizing and growing our own organic ingredients instead of conventional.

When Karen Behnke and her husband, cardiologist Howard Luria purchased the Juice Beauty farm in 2018, it was already being farmed sustainably and certified at the highest level by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. But that wasn’t good enough for Juice Beauty so they worked hard to take it a step higher to Certified Organic which is a rigorous 3 year process monitored by USDA agencies in California (CCOF). Organically farmed ingredients have higher antioxidants, and organic ingredients antioxidants fight free radicals on our skin (goodbye wrinkles!). We also take pride in our sustainable packaging and company practices, such as 40% of our Products are in sustainable glass, almost all of our plastic bottles/jars have been converted to Recycled Plastic/PCR—so we are cleaning up plastic and re-using it! Our tubes have been converted to Bio-Resin, significantly reducing carbon footprint, and we use 100% FSC paper for all our product boxes.

Juice Beauty is also committed to protecting and cleaning up our oceans through getting old plastic to recycled from the Oceans and our land.Using post-consumer (land) recycled plastic instead of petroleum-based virgin plastic is one way to reduce waste in our environment, and just another way we are helping lead the way to clean up the beauty industry (there's a reason why they call us the "OG"- Original Green).

Learn more about Juice Beauty's sustainable practices here.
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