Everything You Need to Know About Using an Essence in Your Skincare Routine

Everything You Need to Know About Using an Essence in Your Skincare Routine

3 Tips for Adding an Essence to Your Skincare Routine  

An essence is a concentrated product that can help you target specific concerns via a lightweight formula that typically absorbs quickly. Think of an essence as a step in your skincare routine that can help your skin feel balanced and hydrated as you start to seal in additional moisture with your other organic skin care products. Here’s how to work it into your skincare regimen. 


1. When You Should Use Your Essence   

After a facial or after using your go-to Organic Ingredients Cleanser, is typically the perfect opportunity to start layering your essence. You want to be sure that you start with a thoroughly cleansed face for optimal absorption as you apply this essence formula. When product layering, you want to be mindful of that you follow the steps in the right order for best results! Following this logic would mean that your Serum  or daily moisturizer would be applied later because of their thicker consistency. You should also be able to use your essence in both your morning and evening routine. 

2. How You Should Apply It

After you have properly cleansed your skin, you can apply your favorite essence with clean hands or a high-quality cleansing cloth (consider one made with sustainable bamboo fibers (link). Be sure to evenly layer the product on your face, neck, and décolletage and let it sit and absorb before applying your moisturizer, illuminating primer, and so forth.  

If you would rather have a spray toner/mist than an essence that you press into your skin, consider adding an antioxidant-rich hydrating mist (link) to help your complexion feel toned and refreshed with ingredients like aloe and grape seed, along with aromatic additions like ylang ylang and rose geranium for a more luxurious experience. Be sure your essence or toner can be used on various skin types like sensitive skin. Bonus points as an essence can double as an after-shave solution.  

3. What Ingredients Should Be in Your Essence 

The daily essence should come from a company known for carefully selecting ingredients and formulating with your skin and the planet in mind. For hydration, seek out plant-derived hyaluronic acid to help support plumping appearance of the skin. Zanthoxylum fruit is another excellent ingredient that can help your skin appear calm while minimizing the visibility of redness. Avoid a formula with petroleum or synthetic fragrance and instead seek out one with polysaccharides and tamarind seed for sealing in long-term moisture. Your essence should help you reduce the appearance of discoloration, dark spots, and pore size while delivering antioxidants that can help protect against potential environmental stressors like free radicals.  

Be sure that the beauty brand you choose also uses environmentally conscious packaging like recyclable glass and uses organic key ingredients. The company should be socially responsible, cruelty-free, vegan, and dedicated to supporting the planet—all without sacrificing the performance of their skincare products. Keep these tips in mind as you select an essence that can do it all without compromising your skin or our planet.  

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