Farm to Beauty--Crimson Clover

Farm to Beauty--Crimson Clover

What’s happening at the farm right now? The red crimson clover is in FULL and beautiful bloom. Red clover is a cover crop at the Juice Beauty farm and serves the critical purpose of adding nitrogen back into the soil so the vineyard and olive grove can take advantage of this critical element to enrich the soil.

This pretty red clover grows among all 10,000 Juice Beauty vines and around the 300 olive trees with a simple seeding method…throwing the seeds on the ground as they can become established in rich farmland areas with that simple seeding method and then grow into nitrogen powerhouses! The primary benefit of clover on organic farms is the ability to capture nitrogen from the air and feed it into the soil and surrounding plants thus improving soil structure and fertility, limiting weed invasion, and supplying rich organic matter to the vines and olive trees.

The clover, with its nitrogen releasing benefits into the soil, has become an important part of the Juice Beauty organic farm ecosystem. We think it’s a better (and more beautiful) alternative to replace the synthetic chemical fertilizers that are used on conventional farms.

p.s. #Juicebeautykaren wants to know if anyone remembers the song Crimson & Clover…. 🎶

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