Favorites Friday: Facebook Fan Edition!

We love sharing our own favorite Juice Beauty products with you but we realized it’s even more fun to share some of our favorite people with you too!

Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite Facebook beauties, Chelsie!

Read on to get to know her and a find out a few of her favorite picks…

Words of advice to live by? Life is short & so am I… and when all else fails… eat CHOCOLATE!

What was the first Juice Beauty product you used? The first Juice Beauty product I tried was a sample of the Antioxidant Serum. I absolutely loved it right from the start. I had used other serums before but they just sat on my face for hours but this serum just soaks right up. I swear my face INSTANTLY felt soft & by the 3rd day of using it.  I loved it so much I immediately purchased a bottle.

What is your FAVORITE Juice Beauty product? Do I have to pick just ONE?! They are ALL my favorites but if I must choose one, I have to say it is the Antioxidant Serum.

Why do you love it? Why?! Because it is magic in a little bottle. When I first tried the sample, I did a side-by-side test alongside the other skincare serum I was using at the time. On one side I applied the Antioxidant Serum & on the other side I used “Brand B”  serum then topped both off with the same moisturizer. The Juice Beauty side was always softer than the other. I even asked my son (age 3) which side felt better and he always picked the Juice Beauty side! I even found myself constantly feeling that side of my face because I was so amazed at how soft and smooth my skin felt.

You’re running late in the morning and only have a few minutes before you have to run out the door, what is the ONE skincare/beauty step you can NOT skip? No matter what, I will ALWAYS wash & moisturize my face. I’d rather skip putting on makeup and have a freshly washed & smooth face. Besides, after I use the Antioxidant Serum and Nutrient Moisturizer, my face has a nice glow to it and I feel confident enough to skip the makeup!

 *Please note her gorgeous, makeup-free face below!*

Best beauty advice? Take good care of your skin! Younger women should start now. Don’t wait till you’re older like me and notice lines! Preventative is the way to go. Use sunscreen, moisturize, exfoliate and all that wonderful stuff. I’ll admit that I just recently (within the last year) became fanatic about my skincare but one day while sitting at a stoplight, I suddenly noticed some fine lines around my eyes and mouth and it REALLY freaked me out! I guess I took for granted that I always looked young but wow, when I saw those lines, it was a wake up call! From that day forth, I promised myself I would take better care of the skin I was in! I take my skincare regime very seriously & think everyone should take their skincare seriously too. I used to say I didn’t have time but that is nonsense! Think of it as your daily pampering…  wash that beautiful face of yours and ALWAYS keep your face hydrated/moisturized. Just several minutes, twice a day to pamper your skin using good, quality products like Juice Beauty and you will be AMAZED at how good you feel when you see the difference in your skin. When you see and feel the difference, others will notice too. It’s easy to put your best face forward when your face feels and looks amazing… all because you spend a little extra time to take care of it.

When or where do you feel most beautiful? I feel MOST beautiful when my sweet little boy tells me “Mommy, you’re beautiful.” It’s not something he just tells me all the time but I know he means it. <3

What do you do to stay healthy? The main thing I do to stay healthy is eat healthy! I buy organic as much as possible and try to always cook fresh and stay away from processed foods. All the foods in my house are either organic or natural & WITHOUT any nasty additives & preservatives (this includes what goes onto my skin!). Oh, and having an almost 4 year old keeps me very busy and active as well. ;P

We’re clearly fruit fanatics around here. What’s your favorite fruit & how do you eat it? My favorite fruit is mango! Peel, cut and eat! Mangoes in Hawaii (I’m from Hawaii) are the best!

Favorite organic recipe? Right now my favorite organic recipe is bowtie pasta w/ ground turkey, organic broccoli & grape tomatoes in organic pesto sauce. So simple yet so good!

Thank you Chelsie! We absolutely love having you as part of the Juice Beauty community!

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