Favorites Friday: Facebook Fan Edition! Meet Jeri…

Finally, our favorite day of the week…FRIDAY! Though we can hardly believe it’s the LAST Friday of 2012! We suppose it’s true what they say about time flying when you’re having fun, as this year has been a total (and amazing) blur.  Time to enjoy our last Facebook fan feature of the year… so without further ado, Juice Beauties, we’re happy to introduce Jeri!

Alright, Jeri… time to spill, tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a free spirit, that soars when I’m helping others enhance their lives, as a massage therapist. My life philosophy is about peace and restoring the body to a happy healthy state from the inside out; and applying beautiful healthy organic skin care on the outside!

What is your favorite Juice Beauty product? And why exactly does it take top honors? 

This is tough! I would say the Green Apple Peel; I love it because it’s so gentle and so effective at the same time. At 35, I need anti-aging properties and anti-breakout ones as well and this product addresses both of those. I don’t have any of the stinging or flaky dryness that comes with other peels. It’s just an overall miracle worker.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

My beauty philosophy is a mindful state of gratitude and happiness, a beautiful heart and mind create true beauty. I believe proper nutrition and skincare are essential; make up not so much. When you treat your skin with organic non toxic skin care, it truly responds and glows from within. When your skin is healthy you don’t feel the need to cover it up, and if you do it’s only slightly to enhance your features.

Is there a specific beauty secret or piece of advice that has changed your life?

Juice Beauty is my secret…well, I guess not a secret anymore! It changed my life, I was suffering from clogged pores, dryness, dullness.. and my skin has transformed entirely. I also believe eating clean is essential, an exercise regimen, water, and plenty of sleep do wonders!

What beauty product is in your bag at all times?

Green Apple Cleansing Gel in the travel size is always in my bag! I often go to the gym before or after work and I believe you must wash your face immediately after working out. The Green Apple Cleansing Gel is refreshing and really gives me a deep clean with no dryness!

We’re huge fruit fans (no surprise)! What’s your favorite & how do you enjoy it?

I love fruit, hmmm I would say strawberries because they are so versatile. I eat them in smoothies, in salads, with coconut milk and almonds. They are always in my fridge.

You’re clearly a stunning beauty…but when is it you FEEL most beautiful?

I feel the most beautiful right after a workout, a good sweat is great for the immune system and increases circulation. I feel strong and empowered, more relaxed and restored, plus that extra circulation makes your skin glow even more…

Thank you Jeri! You’ve been amazing to ‘meet’ and we love having you as a part of our Juice Beauty community. Want to be featured for a Favorite Friday post? First things first, make sure you ‘like’ us on Facebook, then send us a message to let us know!


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