From Farm to Face with Juice Beauty

We love green apples for many reasons…from the rich green color that brightens even the dreariest of days to the many vitamins and nutrients found in this delectable fruit. Not only will it give your diet a health boost but it can also rejuvenate your skin!

Malic Acid, sourced from organic apples, is a core ingredient in Juice Beauty’s Green Apple products. This compound naturally brightens and corrects uneven skin tone and can be an effective, natural alternative to the chemical hydroquinone.

The GREEN APPLE™ malic acid technology, along with a potent antioxidant cocktail of peptides, alpha lipoic, DMAE and CoQ10 powers our GREEN APPLE™ Brightening Skin Care Collection, which offers a complete regimen of skin care and body care products using certified organic ingredients sourced predominantly from the Western USA and manufactured using solar power!

On a recent visit to the Pacific Northwest, we met with Dan Dufault, one of our organic green apple farmers to learn more about organic farming and the farming of our favorite fruit!

Share your love for green apples below with a delicious recipe or another way you like to enjoy this versatile fruit. Tip: Karen, our founder loves organic green apples with a dollop of organic peanut butter on top as a great snack…in fact, she’s been spotted eating this snack as she has let our Green Apple Peel work its’ wonders on her face.

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