How long is your shelf life and what do you preserve with?

If stored out of direct sunlight and excessive heat, Juice Beauty products are safe and effective for up to 24 months after the manufacture date. Your safety is our first concern and as a result, Juice Beauty has worked diligently to find safe preservatives that provide effective protection. Juice Beauty uses freshly squeezed, organic juices as the base in our skin care products. Our juice solution in combination with food-grade preservatives has passed lab stability testing for proven product safety.

Juice Beauty’s ColorCare products are preservative-free. They contain an effective stabilizing ingredient that is great for your skin, Vitamin E.

Juice Beauty’s USDA Certified Organic products are formulated to organic food standards and preserved with organic grape alcohol.

Juice Beauty’s Skincare products, made with organic ingredients, are preserved with a combination of safe and effective food grade preservatives that include ethylhexyl glycerin, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. These preservatives are safe, effective, naturally derived alcohols that are used at percentages less the 0.3%.

Rest assured that health and safety is a top priority at Juice Beauty, which is why we have successfully replaced toxic paraben preservatives with safe and effective alternatives.

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