It’s Time to Go Beyond the Pink

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, when pink ribbons blanket everything from cosmetics to food cans, urging us to be aware of breast cancer. But when 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with the disease, how much more awareness do we need? Our charitable partner, the Breast Cancer Fund, is working to shift the conversation from awareness to prevention. We fully support them on their mission to stop this disease before it starts, and we need the support of millions of women like you. You can start by pledging to go beyond the pink to prevention.

In just a generation we’ve witnessed a 40-percent increase in breast cancer, and we know that environmental factors like toxic chemical exposures have played a major role. The Breast Cancer Fund is working to eliminate our exposure to toxic chemicals linked to the disease so that fewer of us, our daughters and increasingly our sons will ever have to hear the words, “You have breast cancer.”

Stay tuned this month, as we share more information to educate yourself and to share with those you love to promote actions that go beyond awareness… and instead support prevention.

Show your support and pledge to go Beyond the Pink by clicking HERE.

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