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Juice Beauty’s Commitment to The Environment

At Juice Beauty, we are committed to helping the environment. Our company's DNA and ethics are deeply rooted in doing whatever we can to benefit the planet: from using only organic, sustainably sourced ingredients in our products, to packaging them in eco-friendly materials. We also believe that it is our duty to actively contribute to the restoration and preservation of our planet's natural resources, and we partner with like-minded organizations and support initiatives that promote sustainability and environmental conservation. We are not just a cosmetics company. We are a community of individuals who care about the world we live in and are dedicated to making a positive impact.

Farm To Beauty:

Juice Beauty is all about creating organic formulas that are both effective and sustainable. The ingredients used in Juice Beauty's formulas are organic and packed with antioxidants, which are great for fighting wrinkles. Plus, Juice Beauty is committed to limiting the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to help protect our planet and all the living beings that call it home. It's amazing to think that, over the past decade, Juice Beauty has avoided using 3 tons of pesticides simply by using organic ingredients.

Sustainable Packaging and Company Practices:

At Juice Beauty, we're all about sustainability! Our founder, Karen, has been an environmentalist for years, and that's the driving force behind everything we do. We're committed to using sustainable practices in every aspect of our business - from packaging and manufacturing to our headquarters. Our goal is to reduce our use of virgin plastic and use only recycled plastic. We're proud to say that we already use glass containers for around 40% of our products, 100% FSC paper, and almost every plastic Stem Cellular Bottle is now Recycled Plastic. Plus, our corporate HQ and farm are powered by solar energy.

Vegan & No Animal Testing... EVER!

At Juice Beauty are proud to say that we never use animal products and never test on animals. By avoiding synthetic dyes, fragrances, and chemical sunscreens, we make sure our ingredients are safe for coral reefs and wildlife. We have been certified by Leaping Bunny, PETA approved, and the American Vegetarian Association as our products are Vegan.

Beyond Clean Ingredients:

We use powerful ingredients that are safe for you and the environment and avoid disrupting ingredients such as parabens, petroleum, pesticides, silicones, artificial dyes, and synthetic fragrances. Instead, we use farmed plant oils or no fragrance, avoiding an estimated 10 tons of synthetic fragrance chemicals and 26 tons of petroleum use over the past decade.

Socially Responsible Giving Since 2005:

At Juice Beauty, we have the pleasure of working with two amazing organizations, BCPP/Breast Cancer Prevention Partners and EWG/Environmental Working Group, because we share similar values. We are extremely proud to have our Founder, Karen Behnke, and our brand recognized by EWG board member Michelle Pfeiffer and CEO Ken Cook for being a trailblazer in changing the beauty industry.
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