Juice Beauty’s National Makeup Artist Shares His Professional Tips & Tricks for Beautiful Skin, Using the New PHYTO-PIGMENTS Makeup Collection


 Jason Leong, Juice Beauty’s national makeup artist and Bay Area native, has been working in the cosmetic industry for over 16 years. His incredible talent has been seen on multiple runway shows including Gucci, D&G, Donna Karan, Diesel, Bebe and Roberto Cavalli, and he has had the opportunity to work with celebrities including Carmen Electra, Kristin Chenoweth, Brooke Burke and Tyrese Gibson.

Something that’s really important to him as an artist is using makeup as a way to help women feel good. “We don’t wear it because we have to,” he says, “we wear it because it’s fun and makes us feel good! Think of it like jewelry; wear it because it makes you feel sparkly. It’s the same thing with a lipstick!”

Jason sat down with Juice Beauty to talk about his career path into the world of beauty, the difference using organic products instead of conventional chemical-based makeup, and the best skin prep for beautiful, glowing skin!

He reveals his favorite product from the new Juice Beauty PHYTO-PIGMENTS makeup collection too!


Image: Jason Leong, Juice Beauty’s National Makeup Artist



How long have you been working as an artist for Juice Beauty?

Since June of 2015. I’ve gotten to do multiple photo-shoots for images used online, which is great because it’s the first time any of my work used in that capacity, that was really exciting. I got to shoot some videos with Gwyneth Paltrow, she was really sweet and we got to joke with each other, it was a really cool experience.


What are the differences using organic and conventional makeup? 

We talk a lot about vibrant color with our PHYTO-PIGMENTS collection and that’s an absolutely true statement. With those pigments, I’ve noticed that the level of color and coverage we can get is amazing, and in such light textures with such fresh, clean feels. The entire collection has great moisturizing properties as well.


Do you have a favorite product from the PHYTO-PIGMENTS collection?

It’s hard to choose, in the beginning it was probably the Liquid Lip because it was the most impressive as far as the pigment level, but after using everything I really love the Luminous Lip Crayon! I thought it may be a product that I wouldn’t use too often, but it’s the exact opposite! It’s a multi-use product, I’ve definitely used it as a cheek color as well, and that’s another benefit of using products with clean ingredients is that you don’t have to worry about putting something weird on your cheeks, or lips.


What’s your best advice for skin prep?

Hydration and moisturizing definitely are key. Even if you are oily you still want to do some sort of an oil-free moisturizer, and I like to tell oily people not to be scared of oils, because there are some oils that clarify the skin, and provide benefits. I’m oily myself, and I like to have that kind of dewy look! The Stem Cellular Booster Serum and Moisturizer seem to prep the skin really well for our Flawless Serum Foundation.


What’s the best way to choose your perfect foundation shade?

I think that if you’re in a store and you don’t have someone to help you out, you want to find a couple of colors that are close in shade. Test them on your cheek area, and if you’re wearing blush just go right below it. When you’ve found the right color, that little strip that you’ve just tested should disappear; any discoloration that you’ve tested the foundation on should turn into the same color as the skin that doesn’t have any discoloration.


Foundation application… Would you suggest using the fingers, a brush, or a sponge?

Right now I prefer to use the fingers because it really warms the formula into the skin and it glides on easily. We created the new brush to help the foundation glide onto the skin in the same way, and it really does, it’s an amazing brush.


What are the benefits of the Illuminating Primer?

Primers, especially ours, extend the wear of your foundation. It provides a smoother surface for your foundation to glide onto. Ours actually gives a really great illumination to the skin. I like to tell people that they can use it all over the face, but really focus on the areas that you know that you’re really touching up a lot, or areas that you have enlarged pores or texture issues.


 Cream Shadow Sticks – How do we use them? Can we mix shades?

The Cream Shadow Sticks were really designed to give you a fresh, clean shadow look and I think that’s important to keep in mind and not over apply it. 3-4 strokes back and forth is plenty, blend it with a brush. I recommend setting it with our Flawless Finishing Powder because it has a little illumination and it’ll give it a little extra glow.


 Top tip for concealing tired skin?

Really starting off with hydrated skin, that’s the number one thing that makes skin look tired, is lack of hydration. Adding little points of brightness whether that’s with the Flawless Finishing Powder that has a little illumination or highlighting some areas with our Illuminating Primer and adding a little bit of warmth to the cheek with a bronzer.


Serum in a foundation what does that mean?

It has a lot of good things in there, a lot of the skincare has anti-aging ingredients that a serum would have in it like fruit stem cells, vitamin C & E, Hyaluronic Acid. These are in the Flawless Serum Foundation. It really is effective.


Does that eliminate the need to use a serum underneath?

No because the skincare ingredients that are in there are amazing, but the foundation’s number one job is to provide coverage, while caring for the skin. Serums as skincare are designed to give you that comfort while correcting any signs of aging or any other skin concerns that you have.


Are there any rules to layering foundation on top of CC Cream?

I play with this all the time, whether you’re using the CC cream, with the foundation or the primer, you always want to do the primer first. Because even though the CC cream has skincare in it, in this instance with the primer you’re using it more like a foundation. You’re not going to get that cake-y look if you use them together. When you put the primer on underneath the CC cream, the CC cream blends into the skin even quicker and easier than it already does.


What can you say about the lasting power of the makeup?

The foundations last amazingly, when we did the match makers photoshoot for our foundation, one of the models we did at 9 am and we didn’t shoot until 3pm and I barely had to touch up anything even then! The Satin Lip Creams are really longwearing. They feel amazing; if you have dry lips that product will smooth them out!

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