Karen Behnke, Juice Beauty Founder discusses Malic Acid

We always love when Karen has a chance to write something for the blog – there’s no better educator about Juice Beauty products than the woman who’s built this brand! Here she talks about why Green Apples were chosen as one of our ‘core’ fruits (yes, pun intended). Take it away, Karen!

Hello everyone! Thinking of fall, apple harvests and apple pie? Well, even if you aren’t in the fall mode yet, maybe it’s the season to contemplate effective exfoliation of your skin. Why exfoliate? To achieve healthy, glowing skin. Fall is a great time to give nature a boost. If you are in your twenties, your skin cells are naturally turning over monthly but if you are past 30, let’s just say you may need a bit of help moving this process along (particularly after a fun filled summer of beach, saltwater and chlorine).

One of the questions I am most often asked is why Juice Beauty chose to use Malic Acid from Green Apples as one of our main ingredients? The short answer is because of the fabulous age defy benefits.

But there’s more! Malic Acid is naturally generated as apples metabolize. An American Journal of Dermatology study cites apples as being a particularly rich source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) which induce remodeling of the epidermis and a rejuvenation of photo-aged skin.

Juice Beauty obtains our malic acid from organic green apples which provides for very high antioxidant, phytonutrient, polyphenol, and bioflavonoid content. This alpha hydroxy acid is a powerful – yet hydrating – exfoliator for the skin. So the effect for your skin by using a product high in Malic Acid, such as any of our three amazing  Green Apple Peels is that you’ll effectively and safely boost cellular turnover and the rich antioxidant levels will combat free radical damage (goodbye wrinkles!) that occurs from aging, pollution, sun damage, stress and well… just life in general!



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