Karen at the Juice Beauty Farm

Karen's Sustainable Tips: The OG Shares Green Choices Anyone Can Do 

Juice Beauty was founded on Founder Karen Behnke's passion for wellness and environmentalism, so we celebrate Earth Day every day at Juice Beauty! Incorporating sustainability habits into your everyday life is easier than it may seem. Karen shares her Top 5 tips on doing your part for the planet. 

1. Always keep a canvas shopping bag in your car and skip plastic bags at the grocery store. If you need to purchase one, check out our Juice Beauty Sustainable Tote Bag, reduce your carbon footprint, and invest in Juice Beauty's durable tote bag made from 50% recycled materials. 

2. According to Ban the Bottle, it takes more water to produce a plastic bottle than the amount in the bottle for drinking. Also, investing in reusable water bottles means fewer will end up in landfills or the ocean. Buy a stainless steel or glass re-usable bottle and fill with filtered water—additionally you won’t have any BPA or toxic plastics leaching in to your drinking water.  

3. Eat and use organic ingredients! By supporting organic farmers, you are dramatically cutting your carbon footprint and helping to protect the earth’s waterways and animals from toxic pesticides. Additionally, organic ingredients skincare and food is higher in antioxidants which is better for your skin (goodbye wrinkles!) and better for your health and better for the environment! 

4. Throwaways and treat yourself to all-natural bamboo fiber cloths. Juice Beauty's Eco Cleansing Cloths are eco-friendly and make you feel like you are having a day at the spa and they will rinse out nicely so you just wash them when you are washing all your clothes-(no extra energy). Hmmm…plush experience and eco-friendly--it sounds like a win-win to us.  

Encourage those around you to be eco-friendly by sharing these simple tips and encouraging your friends to purchase from companies that have organic ingredients, sustainability, and recycling at the top of their priorities. And to reward yourself or your Eco BFF, buy them a gift card! Give the gift of beauty and wellness from a company with solid eco-values.

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