Keep These 5 Skincare Tips in Mind After a Workout

Keep These 5 Skincare Tips in Mind After a Workout

Just Wrapping Up a Workout? Try These 5 Skincare Tips 

Keep These 5 Skincare Tips in Mind After a Workout 

Few feelings can compare to those moments right after a good workout. Whether it’s the end of an exciting spin class, a grueling HIIT workout or just a light and fun walk around the park, that accomplished feeling can almost leave you floating in your shoes. But the work isn’t entirely done after the workout. You need to take care of all of that sweat, moisture, and potential grime. Here are a few tips to help you nail down the proper post-workout skincare routine for you. 

#1 Understand Your Post-Workout Skin 

Just like you might be in a different mood after your workout, your skin is a little different too. It’s been through a lot with all of the sweating, wiping and exposure to new environments, so you have to understand how it feels. Often, post-workout skin is more delicate, meaning it can be prone to micro-abrasions. Essentially, you don’t want to be rough when cleansing or applying products. This also applies to things like your workout towel as well. When in doubt, aim to be as gentle on your post-workout skin as possible and save the exfoliation for a different time. 

#2 Cleanse Sweat Away ASAP 

You feel good after a workout, so it’s time to start looking good as well. Your top priority immediately after a workout should be cleansing. Unchecked sweat, dirt, and oil sitting on the surface of your skin and in your pores is never good, so reach for a gentle cleanser. Many recommend a cleansing oil to help balance your moisture levels while washing away oil and grime. 

#3 Rejuvenate Your Glow with a Serum 

The right serums can do wonders for your complexion and can help you achieve a post-workout glow. Nourishment is key when selecting a serum for your post-workout routine, so you want to pay close attention to the ingredients list. Look for one made with botanical juices full of nourishing and supportive vitamins and minerals. 

#4 Choose a Lightweight Moisturizer  

Sweat is moisture leaving your body, so in addition to drinking plenty of water during your sweat sesh, you should incorporate a lightweight moisturizer into your post-workout routine. Look for one that is non-comedogenic and made with natural or organic moisturizer key ingredients to help provide much-needed hydration. 

#5 Stick with Clean Beauty Products 

Whether it’s a hard workout day or just a relaxing Sunday, clean beauty is always the way to go. The best clean beauty brands are upfront about what’s in their products and provide supporting information to educate you on the ingredients and primary benefits. Your skin is worth it, so always go the extra mile and choose clean beauty products, from a natural moisturizer to a serum made with thoughtful botanical juices. 

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