Live a Balanced Life

It’s easier said than done, but we all strive for it. And at Juice Beauty – it’s practically in our DNA (our founder, Karen Behnke started in the health

and wellness industry before wellness was even a thing). We asked our team – what are some things you do to live a balanced life?


Living healthy starts with food & exercise, but for me I need what I call “me time”. What I know for sure is that it helps balance and center me.

It allows me time to be creative and productive with no restrictions. It allows me to organize my thoughts and life, especially with the crazy

hectic lives we all live.


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Eating healthy and working out (and having a donut or two keeps me balanced).





If you work hard, workout harder.




Once in a while I stay in balance by looking at the world upside down. Burning Man’16




I’m the type who pays attention to every detail, but I also have my eye on the bigger scope of things. I remind myself on a daily basis,

if anything bothers me ‘Try not to sweat the small stuff’ (and when I do, I get over it over quickly). Sleep, eating well, and Soul Cycle

keeps the crankiness at bay (my bike takes a beating). I also take time every morning to center, meditate and listen to music that

gets me energized, positive and happy.





I try to do something creative everyday (this is also Paper Source’s motto), whether it’s making a handmade card, practicing calligraphy

or studying a second language. I enjoy the process and in the end it feels rewarding to have created something.





Figure skating keeps me balanced because it brings being active and being creative together. It feels good to do something you love and

express yourself in a positive way while having a great time.


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