PREBIOTIX™ 10% Vitamin C Complex Glow Body Lotion

March to Radiant Skin

This March is the month to March to Radiant Skin (see what we did there), and we have just the product to guide you in that direction. Say hello to your new best friend: Juice Beauty's PREBIOTIX 10% Vitamin C Complex Glow Body Lotion.

Juice Beauty's new lotion with 10% Vitamin C is specifically formulated to help balance skin’s microbiome and instantly illuminate skin after just one use. A study has demonstrated that applying Vitamin C to the skin for 16 weeks can significantly reduce the visibility of dark spots. Just imagine the joy of seeing those stubborn blemishes fade away!

In addition, our 10% Vitamin C Complex Glow Body lotion contains potent organic ingredients and Viola that help to hydrate skin.

Benefits & Ingredients:
  • Microbiome balance with high-tech fermentation inulin
  • Immediate Glow with stabilized Vitamin C and Light-reflecting Kumaru
  • Thanks to Viola and organic vegetable glycerin, hydrate, soften, and smooth with a lightweight finish
  • Even and Brighten with potent Vitamin C + Emblica
Why Is Juice Beauty’s PREBIOTIX 10% Vitamin C Complex Body Lotion with Microbiome Care is so Unique?
  • AM ultra-fast absorbing hydrating body lotion
  • Clean and concentrated formula for visible body glow results
  • Organic ingredients, Vegan formula with a sustainable tube
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