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National Clean Beauty Day – July 16th, 2021

July 15th is National Clean Beauty Day, to celebrate the clean beauty movement — products that are mindfully created, produced with healthful ingredients, sustainably and ethically sourced and made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind. National Clean Beauty Day is the brainchild of Juice Beauty — the ‘OG’ of this movement as named by ELLE, Cosmo, Forbes and more (at which time the Juice Beauty team quickly dubbed OG “Original Green” brand). The antioxidant-rich skincare & plant-based makeup brand has been challenging the decades-long status quo in the beauty industry by pioneering and radically transforming the chemistry of cosmetics.

Celebrating its 16th Birthday, Juice Beauty started National Clean Beauty Day to raise awareness about the use of organic plant-based ingredients, how they can have better efficacy than conventional ingredients, as well as the avoidance of harmful and unnecessary ingredients in beauty products. The brand, and the movement they spearhead, use authentically organic ingredients to create products with clinically validated age defy and blemish clearing benefits. Their list of “never use” cosmetics ingredients numbers into the thousands as they will never use an ingredient that can be potentially harmful to humans, animals, or the planet. Click here for more information.

Juice Beauty’s formulations are based around antioxidant-rich, certified organic, botanical juices as a base rather than petroleum. Their chemists then add powerful plant-based ingredients to that base to achieve the highest efficacy in age defy and blemish clearing skincare on the market.


July 15, 2020 may be the inaugural celebration of National Clean Beauty Day, but its roots go back more than 15 years. Wellness expert and serial entrepreneur Karen Behnke had spent years in the wellness industry building one of the first corporate wellness companies that she started in the early 1980’s, and Karen served on various Board of Directors of fitness companies and more. But as she worked to grow the wellness industry focused on fitness and nutrition, she had not paid much attention to her own personal care products. That is until, at the age of 40 while pregnant with her first child and concerned about skin absorption, Karen developed a keen interest in the ingredients found in the beauty products she was using. She was stunned to find that both her expensive department store and inexpensive drug store products contained potentially harmful ingredients.

Over the next few years Karen set her sights on changing not only her personal care regimen but she wanted to affect change in the entire beauty industry. For more than five years, she worked with PhD chemists, physicians, microbiologists, and other experts to solve the complex organic formulation challenges to create authentically organic products with high efficacy and to perfect Juice Beauty’s chemistry.

Juice Beauty was founded in 2005 (when Karen purchased the trademark Juice Beauty) with a mission to create the highest performance skincare products but Karen vowed to never use an ingredient that could be harmful to humans, animals, or the planet. Juice Beauty’s revolutionary formulations started with a basic premise: Karen believed that by formulating with an antioxidant and vitamin-rich organic botanical juice base (rather than PEGS/petroleum derivatives or water) and combining with powerful skincare ingredients, it would yield better results than conventional or natural products. Multiple clinical tests proved her right.

Juice Beauty, being the “OG” also has an organic farm in Sonoma County, California to bring ingredients truly ‘farm to beauty’. “Our farm brings Juice Beauty’s organic ingredients to life and allows us to more closely connect with our antioxidant-rich ingredients. The stunning 20-acre vineyard and olive grove serves as inspiration for future innovation and to provide ingredients for our products,” said founder Karen Behnke, who has dedicated her entire life to health, wellness, fitness and organic living. The Juice Beauty farm highlights Karen and the team’s California organic and wellness lifestyle and really brings to life how organically farmed ingredients can have higher antioxidant performance.

Juice Beauty is also a leader in the sustainability movement. They are committed to sustainability practices across their packaging, manufacturing, sustainable headquarters, and solar-powered farm.

We've come along way since 2005, and today we celebrate all the hard work our team has done to get us here. We thank you, our customers for staying with us on this ride!

Below are some highlighted milestone we've accomplisher:


1st Candle: Juice Beauty launches!!

2nd Candle: BCPP partnership: State of the Evidence. Pushing several more bills thru to protect consumers + earth (PFAS)

3rd Candle: 1st collections launched Daily Essentials & Green Apple!!

4th Candle: Whole Foods & Pharmica launch- 1st Retailers…thank you!

5th Candle: Juicebeauty.com went live in 2005

6th Candle: Celebrities started mentioning us Kate Hudson, Fast forward to Gwyneth Creative Director – PhytoPIgments Makeup Collection

7th Candle: Blemish Clearing & won Elle’s Green Star award

8th Candle: Green Apple patent and three more patents followed!

9th Candle: BEST SELLING Stem Cellular Collection. Groundbreaking Overnight Retinol Serum. Heard it thru the GRAPEVINE

10th Candle: EWG great partnership – Michelle Pfeiffer + Ken Cook gave tribute to us at their last Earth Day celebration! Sun top ratings. So many best of’s and awards!

11th Candle: Thank you Ulta for your 11 year partnership! Conscious Beauty; thank you Sephora International!

12th Candle: Goldman Sachs recognized (me) Product Innovation twice!

13th Candle: Peta, leaping bunny, vegan certifications

14th Candle: Prebiotix collection, Signal Peptides,


16th Candle: Farm to beauty comes to life. Organic Farm!

National Clean Beauty Timeline


  1. 100% FSC paper for outer packaging product boxes.
  2. 48% PCR, 52% FSC (from certified sustainable sources) for shipping boxes. 
  3. 37%reduction in outer packaging with kit reduction program (2020). 
  4. 90% BioResin sample and travel tube conversion (2020). Bioresin/sugarcane plastic is sourced from environmentally responsible farms and does not utilize petroleum ingredients resulting in a dramatically lower carbon footprint tied to production. 
  5. 32% of full-size products utilize sustainable glass
  6. Recycled Plastic/PCR program with a conversion of Best Sellers to PCR/recycled plastic. 
  7. Juice Beauty currently utilizes recycled plastic from the U.S. (not shipped in from other countries)


What is considered Clean Beauty?  While there is no official definition, most industry experts agree that “clean” means that a beauty product should have considered human and environmental health, using non-toxic ingredients.

What is the Clean Beauty movement?  Clean beauty is a global movement driven by consumers and entrepreneurs to create meaningful change in the beauty industry.


  1. Post Your Beauty and Wellness Routine

    Instagram and YouTube are full of informative videos offering tips and techniques to improve your beauty and wellness regimen. Why not post one of your own tagging @juicebeauty using #NationalCleanBeautyDay?

  2. Put Your Money Where Your Moisturizer Is

    National Clean Beauty Day is the perfect time to support clean beauty businesses like Juice Beauty or donate to some of the non-profits driving meaningful change in the beauty industry like EWG, BCPP, Leaping Bunny, or PETA. 


Since its inception, Juice Beauty has been using innovative science to propel the Clean Beauty movement forward and to inspire change in the beauty industry. National Clean Beauty Day is a chance to reflect on that journey and its impact on the entire industry.

Click here for more information about National Clean Beauty Day.

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