New Year, New Resolutions: Day 5

It’s our last day of our Beauty Resolutions giveaway but we hope you all keep your Beauty Resolutions through 2012!

Beauty Resolution #5: Don’t forget your body! We tend to be good about focusing on skincare for our face but the skin on the rest of our body need taken care of too! Everyday environmental exposure can take a toll on skin which, in time, begins to show as aging, uneven tone and dryness. Even a nice warm shower can strip skin of oils so it’s important to choose healthy, nourishing body products and use them regularly.

Our Firming Body Moisturizer contains Vitamin C and smoothing peptides, in addition to our age-defying, antioxidant-rich organic juice base to keep skin supple and healthy when used every day. If applying body lotion seems like an extra step that is begging to be skipped given your busy mornings, try keeping your body lotion in the shower so you’ll remember to apply it after you turn off the water and towel dry. This will also lock in the moisture from the shower before it has a chance to evaporate.

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