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Discovering Juice Beauty: Guest Blog Post

Lifestyle blogger Kirsty Gardner posts about her first experience with Juice Beauty, and shares an incredible before and after image showing her impressive skin improvements particularly around areas of sun damage, after having used the Green Apple Peel Full Strength for three weeks… It really is a miracle product, and our customers agree! Read on below for Kirsty’s review.


When it comes to makeup, I’m like a kid with too many crayons – all the gear and little idea which is why I’ve always kept it pretty simple. Occasionally I love a bright lip, a touch of foundation, a classic concealer, a bit of mascara, highlighter and I’m out the door. (Actually that sounds like quite a lot!)

I’d argue that the beauty category is one of the most saturated markets on the high street and that’s why it’s interesting to come across a brand distinctly different to it’s nearest competitor. As a Brit new to California, I hadn’t previously heard of Juice Beauty and now here goes, my first ever product review telling you why I’m so pleased to have discovered this gem of a brand.

Until now, I’d never given it much thought as to what chemicals make up my make-up bag. I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to a time when you look at the label and it reels off at least five different chemicals, all names you can barely pronounce which makes you think, do we really realise what’s in our skincare? Juice Beauty’s entire premise is that the base of every-single-product is made up of organic botonical juices, without losing the characteristics we look for. In each makeup product, Instead of using artificial color dyes, Juice Beauty uses crushed plant pigments, organic juices and botanical waxes to hydrate. They also avoid using silicones and opt for coconut alkanes instead.

Stem Cellular CC Cream (with SPF 30)  My absolute favourite find! With make-up products, I believe we have our can’t-live-without items and are often reluctant to break the mould and buy something totally different. When it comes to foundation, I’ve been an avid fan of brands such as Estee Lauder’s Double Wear and YSL Touche Elcat for years which is why it might surprise you that I’m now totally sold on ditching those in favour of just wearing Juice Beauty’s ‘Stem Celluar CC Cream’ which is more of a tinted moisturizer. I have fairly dry skin, a lot of freckles and recently have suffered with patches of eczema meaning that I’m even more sensitive to the products I use and had to think about what won’t aggravate it further. The Celluar CC cream genuinely gives me a (dare I say it) glowing complexion and with every application it leaves my skin feeling moisturised whilst sorting out the uneven patches and redness but without adding a heap of unknown chemicals to my skin..

Green Apple Peel Full Strength Turns out this product is a best seller and here’s why. I’ve only ever had a two facials in my life and the principle of which is great but they’re expensive meaning they’re few and far between. A few weeks into using the peel, I saw similar results as if I’d just walked out of a spa. What I mean is that freshly exfoliated feeling demonstrating that the combined fruit acids and vitamins must have genuinely made a difference. I tried this product for lightening purposes and in particular where I have sun damage and pigmentation around my upper lip. Conventional chemical peel brans use an ingredient called Hydroquinone which is a skin lightener that’s highly toxic! Instead, this product uses malic acids from apples; so much better for you!

Below is a little before & after pic, three weeks into using the product once/ twice a week – for me it’s 100% helped improve the darken areas and is something I intend to continue to use. 

On the left, with the apple feel on for the first time, So shiny! Leave on for 5-10 mins before washing off. On the right shows the results three weeks after results – also wearing the CC cream

Stem Cellar Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment I’ve been using this day and night and unlike serums such as YSL’s Youth Serum, it doesn’t sting my eyes. I’ve gone through this really quickly not only because I’m paranoid about the ever-increasing wrinkles(!) but because it feels super soft on your skin.

In society there’s heaps of education around the organic food industry to take one example but when it comes to chemicals in cosmetics, it feels like this is still an area that’s largely overlooked. Juice Beauty is a brand leading a new revolution within this sector and it’s definitely one that I recommend trying.Where you can find Juice Beauty in the UK: Content Beauty in Marylebone, and on which ships across Europe and free delivery in the UK. Juice Beauty’s main US website can be found here.


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