Post Summer Skincare Checklist

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As temperatures begin to drop and your time in the sun decreases, you may be wondering ‘what now?’ when it comes to skincare. If you stayed out a little too long in the sun, it may be time to switch up your skincare favorites for products with Malic Acid. 


Although ‘Malic Acid‘ may sound a little scary, this ingredient is actually naturally generated when apples metabolize. It’s one of the reasons we decided to use Malic Acid as one of the main ingredients for our Green Apple Brightening Collection.  Not to mention it’s also packed full of fabulous age-defy benefits! A study in the American Journal of Dermatology cited apples as being a particularly rich source of alpha hydroxy acids, which can help with the appearance of sun damaged skin.

At Juice Beauty, we obtain our malic acid from organic green apples that can provide a high antioxidant, phytonutrient, polyphenol, and bioflavonoid content. This alpha hydroxy acid is a powerful yet hydrating exfoliator for the skin. So the effect for your skin of using products high in Malic Acid is that you’ll effectively (yet safely) boost exfoliation and the rich antioxidant levels will help combat free radicals that occurs from sun damage and aging.

Here’s how to reset your post-sun skin with products that feature Malic Acid:

  1. Step One – Cleanse: Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Brightening Cleanser will help reveal a more refined looking complexion. Antioxidant rich organic juices, malic acid, and sugar cane hydroxy-acids, purifying botanicals and plant-based cleansers exfoliate and deeply cleanse. Excellent for sun-damaged and aging skin for optimum brightening results.
  2. Step Two – Treat: Recently hailed as one the 5 Best Natural Serums to Diminish Sun Spots by She’s In the Glow, our Green Apple Age Defy Serum utilizes Malic Acid to help visibly brighten sun damaged & aging skin. It also creates a more firm appearance with peptides.
  3. Step Three – Moisturize: Help even your skin tone and texture with our Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer. This Malic Acid rich moisturizer helps even skin tone and smooth the appearance of fine lines with an antioxidant cocktail of DMAE, peptides, CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid.
  4. Once a Week: To help boost your brightening results, use our best-selling, patented Malic Acid rich  GREEN APPLE™ Peel  to exfoliate and helps reduce the appearance and age and sun spots. Delivers spa grade exfoliation revealing a brighter looking complexion.

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