Say Hello to Brighter Eyes!

The windows to your soul….Often, the first thing one notices about someone is their eyes. Are they bright? Trusting? Hydrated? And often, our customers start on a serious skincare regimen when they start noticing the first sign of fine lines around their eyes. Not surprisingly, it’s a more popular concern during the winter months because all that dry air not only dries your skin but can also make those unwanted wrinkles more visible.

“Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate,” says our Founder, Karen, and, we’re not just talking about drinking plenty of filtered water; although, that will help!

Make sure to use extra hydrating skin care products around your eyes day and night. One of Karen’s favorites is our GREEN APPLE™ Brightening Eye Cream which hydrates with organic aloe, cucumber, and jojoba,  and brightens and smoothes lines with a potent antioxidant cocktail of DMAE, alpha lipoic., peptides, and CoQ10.

Over time and with continued use, you’ll be saying hello to bright eyes!

Beauty Tip: Apply eye cream around your entire eye. Don’t forget the lids and upper eyes that can also show signs of aging.  Gently apply with your ring finger until absorbed.  When treating this delicate area, you should really only use the lightest touch, and your ring finger is the gentlest of your fingers.

A little something extra…The GREEN APPLE™ Brightening Eye Cream can also be used between your eyebrows where creases often occur.

What else? Don’t forget your sunglasses. They’ll keep you from squinting and unraveling all your hard work to protect those beautiful eyes.

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