Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine!

It’s time to make a clean break with your beauty and personal care products, and discover what ingredients may be causing harm to your body.



According to a new study from researchers at UC Berkeley, 100 teenage girls from Salinas, California tested 25-45% lower in chemical levels after swapping out their conventional chemical based products for natural and organic ones!

The significant drop occurred in just three days! Imagine the benefits from changing your routine for a month, or even for life!

The four chemicals that were monitored are known endocrine disruptors, which can affect the estrogen and testosterone levels in the human body. Below we share Juice Beauty’s clean ingredients used instead of conventional ingredients.


“At Juice Beauty we believe in advanced beauty solutions that harness the best of certified organic & natural ingredients to deliver clinically validated results that do not compromise your well-being nor the Earth.” – Karen Behnke, founder

That’s why we have a whole list of ‘unacceptable’ ingredients, that we never use in the formulation of our products!

We encourage you to take our CLEAN BEAUTY™ Challenge this Spring.

It’s simple, if you see any any of your current personal care ingredients in the left column, or on our full list, then we urge you to Make the Switch! #GoCleanIn2016

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