The Benefits of Phyto-Pigments and the Issues with Synthetic Dyes

What are the benefits of using plant-based phyto-pigments and what are the issues with synthetic dyes?



The Benefits:

Plant-based pigments provide vibrant colors and nourishing nutrients for the skin. The avoidance of artificial, synthetic and insect-based dyes benefits our customers and the planet. Formulating makeup with plant-based dyes is revolutionary and it’s so exciting that we have achieved the vibrant colors in our Phyto-Pigments makeup!


The Problem:

Juice Beauty does not believe that artificial and synthetic dyes – which are often not tested for human cosmetic toxicity – should ever be used in personal care products because the skin can absorb what is placed on it and the way these dyes are manufactured and sourced is generally not sustainable. Throughout the past several years, various dyes have been banned from our food when they have been found to be carcinogenic or toxic, but they often end up in our personal care products that cover the largest organ of our body—the skin.


Where do they come from?:

Often color additives found in conventional chemical beauty products come from killing beetles labeled as “Carmine” or ground up insects labeled as “Cochineal extracts”. These insect-derived ingredients can also be labeled as “Natural Red 4” or “E120”. Killing thousands of insects to yield a pound of dye doesn’t seem to be the most sustainable way to source ingredients. Killing these insects ends up harming the delicate eco system that we all enjoy.

Other conventional beauty products source their black and brown colors from petroleum or coal combustion labeled as “carbon black” for mascaras and eyeliners. Since Juice Beauty avoids all petroleum-based ingredients, and since we support and actively use solar power as a sustainable energy source, we don’t recommend carbon black. Our Phyto-Pigments mascara and eye pencils get their rich black and brown colors from plant pigments and minerals.


Therefore there is no need to compromise. It’s a win for you with great high performance beauty products, win for your health and win for the planet.


– Karen Behnke, Founder

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