The Dos and Don’ts of the Green Apple Peel

We realize skin care isn’t always simple but we do our best to make it that way! And though it’s pretty straightforward how to use our best selling Green Apple Peel (apply, leave on for up to 10 minutes, rinse off) we’re going to break down a few other Dos and Don’ts that may be helpful for you too!



Our Green Apple Peel is a celebrity and beauty editor favorite, and one of our best-selling products for good reason! It contains a patented blend of powerful, organic fruit hydroxy acids and raw cane sugar to exfoliate your skin meaning reduced breakouts, a brightener complexion, lightened dark spots and smaller pores – all without leaving skin feeling stripped or dried out (as is common with other peels). In fact, the antioxidant-rich organic fruit juice, aloe vera and algae will even take care of hydration too – talk about multitasking!

This organic formula is extremely active and while it’s doing its thing making sure skin is smooth and nourished, it is common (and expected) to see some light to moderate redness. This is why we recommend taking 10 minutes to treat yourself to it in the evening. Skin has a chance to rejuvenate overnight and you’ll wake up with skin that’s soft and glowing!

Take the following DOs and DON’Ts into consideration when you’re due for your weekly peel…


  • Patch test to check sensitivity.
  • Use on clean, dry skin.
  • Use in the evening.
  • Moisturize after – skin will drink up all the goodness!
  • Wear SPF. This should be a daily occurance anyway (yes, we’re nagging) but especially make sure to wear broad spectrum sunscreen the days following use of the Green Apple Peel.



  • Don’t use around the eye area.
  • Don’t apply when you’ll be outdoors or in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t apply after being in the sun all day or anytime skin is sensitive or inflamed (i.e. sunburned).
Now, what are you going to do with those 10 minutes of ‘me’ time while you have your Green Apple Peel applied? Tell us in the comments below! 

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