The Fashionista’s Diary Gives Juice Beauty 10/10

Lauren Ashley of The Fashionista’s Diary Shares Her Juice Beauty Makeup Favorites!



Good morning! Today I’m super excited to be teaming up again with my favorites over at Juice Beauty. Lately, I’ve still been using their beauty products and, guys… I’m in love! I’m so picky with beauty products because I have pretty sensitive skin. A lot of times, too, things don’t really stick to my eyes (eye shadows) and lipsticks make my lips look SUPER chappy.


You already know I’m a huge fan of Juice Beauty’s Last Looks Cream Blush and Liquid Lip (see post here), but today I wanted to talk to you about their Ultra-Natural Mascara and Cream Shadow Stick.


MASCARA: I have been known to be someone who layers on pounds of mascara so that it looks just right. My eyelashes aren’t long at all so I struggle with trying to make them look more full and have more volume. With the Ultra-Natural Mascara, it’s such an easy mascara to put a few coats on and go. I don’t wear too much makeup to school because, let’s be real… it’s hot in Miami and there’s a lot of walking to be done on campus. But, I always wear mascara. This one gives my eyelashes amazing volume without looking fake. I absolutely love it and will be buying it again! The applicator is awesome and really makes your lashes look so so good.


Cream Shadow Stick: Okay. One word: LOVE. I am seriously obsessed with this and want it in every color. I actually like it more than one I had by Laura Mercier, which says a lot. The color is super rich and applies super smoothly. Ever. If you’re like me, you’re not really a pro with eyeshadows. This one is dummy-proof, I promise! It’s so easy and looks so good. Put some of the Cream Shadow Stick on (my favorite colors are haze and stone), the Ultra-Natural Mascara, and your eyes are done in two easy steps!



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